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Skai Jackson denies 'false' claim that parents of teen she doxxed on Twitter lost their jobs, sparks outrage

Skai Jackson is being slammed after reports surfaced that she put 'an entire family into poverty' after she allegedly shared details about a 13-year-old boy on Twitter
Skai Jackson (Getty Images)
Skai Jackson (Getty Images)

Disney star Skai Jackson had recently taken on the task of exposing racists by sharing the tweets or comments made by them along with other details about them. Jackson had made this decision because she felt that a lot of individuals had been writing racist comments on social media and thought it had to be stopped. 

She decided to take matters into her own hands in order to try and serve justice. However, things turned against her when the internet alleged that she shared the details about a 13-year old boy who had written "guacamole n**** p****" in one of the memes. Reports started swirling around that claimed the boy had been expelled and his parents had been fired after Jackson brought his comment to light. "The 13-year-old boy that Skai Jackson had doxxed has been expelled from school and both his parents lost their jobs. She literally put an entire family into poverty, Over 'guacamole n**** pen*s'. Imagine being washed up celebrity at ONLY 18. What a f**king loser that girl is," read a post. Jackson retweeted the post and wrote, "This is false". 

"Hi, I just want to address this situation. I never knew “ guacamole n**** p**** “ was something that was said in a meme. Please do not spread false info that his parents lost their job This screenshot is his best friend and someone else. I do apologize and will take responsibility," she wrote. Angry fans had also shared an address online that they claimed was Jackson's. However, she tried to explain how the address shared online was not hers. "I’m getting DM’d from the people who live at those addresses that you guys think are mine. Stop harassing innocent people. It’s not fair to them. My address isn’t listed and will never be listed," she said.  

Fans were not happy with the actress as one stated, "Skai Jackson, I'm really glad that you got doxxed, I don't like doxing but, what you did is illegal, and I hope you go into poverty just like the kids you doxxed, in jokers words, you get what you f**king deserve." "Skai Jackson doxxed 13-year-olds?????? and both of their dads got fired from their jobs ?? celebs literally don't care about ruining normal people's livelihoods huh," read another. "Since y'all are so quick to cancel people, how about we cancel Skai Jackson (18) for doxxing a kid because he referenced a meme when he was 12?" said another.