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Disney Family Singalong Volume II: Idina Menzel debuts new hairstyle, fans ask her to 'rethink her bangs'

Idina Menzel participated in Disney Family SIingalong Volume II and left people wondering what happened to her hair
UPDATED MAY 11, 2020
Idina Menzel (Getty Images/ ABC)
Idina Menzel (Getty Images/ ABC)

Idina Menzel is known for having the perfect vocal skills and 'Frozen' has been proof of that. She recently appeared on the Disney Family Singalong Volume II and this time, she had Ben Platt by her side to sing the song 'Whole New World'. Fan reaction to the duo's take on the Disney classic, however, was divided. 

However, one thing that stood out the most was the new hairstyle that Menzel debuted. Menzel is always seen with having hair that is lying loose or tied up in a bun but the one change that the fans did not see coming were the bangs. When Menzel first came on to the show, fans were left shocked by how different she looked. 

It is then that they realized that the singer had chosen to have bangs and had opted for a makeover while staying in quarantine. However, it appeared like none of them were impressed with how things looked. "Ok, I know we always say don’t cut your own bangs but... Idina, girl... maybe you should cut your bangs to get them out of your eyes," read one comment. 

Another added, "Idina's bangs are the perfect encapsulation of social distancing." Another comment read, "Miss Idina should rethink these bangs." Meanwhile, others wondered why the singer did not perform the hits from 'Frozen' or 'Frozen 2'. Fans were quick to add that they were hoping her to sing the classics from her movie on the show. 

"Wait, so #DisneySingalong had Idina Menzel performing on Mother’s Day and they DIDN’T go with the super emotional mother/daughter duet from Frozen 2?" questioned one fan. Another wrote, " Was hoping Idina would do Show Yourself or Into the Unknown but honestly, I’m not even mad. So good."

Meanwhile, others enjoyed every bit of the song as one comment read, "I fully SCREAMED when Idina announced she would be singing the A Whole New World duet with Ben Platt." Another wrote, "I never knew I needed to hear Idina Menzel and Ben Platt duet on "A Whole New World." 

While Menzel's bangs had been the talk of the town, it is safe to say that her duet with Platt had people forgetting about the bangs after some time.