Papa John's ex CEO John Schnatter flaunts wealth in bizarre tour of his blinged-out $11 million mansion

Papa John's ex CEO John Schnatter flaunts wealth in bizarre tour of his blinged-out $11 million mansion
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Disgraced founder of Papa John’s Pizza John Schnatter, who resigned in 2018 after facing criticism over his use of a racial slur during a conference call, recently joined TikTok and used the platform to show off his not so ordinary home.

Schnatter took to the video-sharing social media platform on Tuesday, May 12, to give a house tour of his $11 million mansion.

Captioning the 55-second clip as “Tour of the Papa Castle Part 1,” the 58-year-old also added the hashtags #mycrib, #finalsathome, #fyp, and #boredinthehouse. According to reports, the Schnatter mansion, dubbed as “Papa Castle”, is located in a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, where the Indiana native has lived for several years. The mansion is reportedly spread across approximately 16 acres of land.

The opening of the TikTok video shows Schnatter wearing a red t-shirt with “Papa” written over it in white letters. He was heard saying “Howdy” in the clip as he opened his enormous double front doors. He then pointed his thumb towards himself and said, “Papa John. Welcome to my crib.”  According to an earlier TikTpk video of his, the red t-shirt that he wore in the video is from his own merchandise collection.

The video then cuts to aerial footage of the mansion, giving a glimpse of the massive footprint of the stone home, lush greenery, and a moat surrounding the turret-dotted property. Soon after that, the clip gave an inside look of the castle as Schnatter can be seen guiding the camera through his ornately decorated front foyer, featuring high ceilings, long coral curtains, and embellished stone flooring.

The lobby of the house includes a huge sculpture of two eagles. In the video, Schnatter said that the sculpture depicts the birds mating while falling through the air. He also claimed that it was not just a showpiece, but a clock as he stated it “spins four times an hour.”

“Eagles go up several thousand feet and mate all the way down. Right before they hit, they separate so they don’t get hurt or killed. Perfect timing,” the former businessman said in the TikTok video.

After showing off the “mating eagles”, Schnatter moved towards the closed doors of a room off the foyer, pointing that it was his library. “This is where I film a lot of footage, this is where I work and write letters,” he said. He then pretended to open the engraved wood doors but stopped and said: “Stay tuned, you gotta keep following. Maybe next time.”

The video has received more than 1.1 million views ever since it was uploaded on May 12. However, many social media users did not approve of him showing off in such bad taste, with one writing, “Money doesn’t buy taste.” While another found the video particularly tone-deaf amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “People of the world trying to survive and this man is showing off,” the person wrote.

Schnatter resigned from the post of Papa John’s CEO in July 2018 after reports claimed that he used the n-word during a May 2018 call between company executives and a marketing agency called Laundry Service. At the time, he did not deny the allegations and said in a statement: “News reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true. Regardless of the context, I apologize. Simply stated, racism has no place in our society.”


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 Disgraced founder of Papa John's Pizza shows off his mansion worth $11 million in TikTok video