'Disenchantment' Season 1 Part 2: Elfo's origins and mermaid hints could hold key to next season

'Disenchantment' Season 1 Part 2: Elfo's origins and mermaid hints could hold key to next season

There are one too many mysteries towards the end of the first part of the first season of Matt Groening's 'Disenchantment.'

Spoilers ahead for the first part of the first season of 'Disenchantment'

What is Princess Bean's  (voiced by Abbi Jacobson) destiny? With her decision to bring her mother, Queen Dagmar (voiced by Sharon Horgan), to life, is there any chance that Nat Faxon's Elfo will be revived? Who are those two people who are constantly keeping a watch on Bean, and by extension Elfo? They also sent her Luci, a demon voiced by Eric Andre – what is his role in all of this? What are Queen Dagmar's intentions? Where are Bean and Dagmar headed? What will happen to Dreamland? 

So many questions and cliffhangers at the end of the ten-part first part of the first season. But one question that has bothered us – well, it has been at the back of our minds all along since it was first brought up in the series – is who is Elfo? What are his origins? Where does he come from?

We got to know early on that Elfo is not entirely an elf considering how King Zog's (voiced by John DiMaggio) attempts at successfully using his Elf blood to create the Elixir of Life failed. Finally, in the ninth episode, 'To Thine Own Elf Be True', it is officially revealed that Elfo is not a complete elf – he learns from his father that he is a half-elf, and before he could reveal the mystery behind his other half, their conversation is cut short by the arrival of King Zog's men.


In the past, Elfo had hinted that he is "....into big girls" – something that his father also confirms. In the fifth episode, Elfo shortly encounters a mermaid-esque creature for less than a minute. This mermaid-esque creature could be the type of creature Elfo's mother is because of the similar shape of their ears. This matches with the embroidery Elfo's father gives him, which is also a mermaid-esque shape. 

Could Elfo be part mermaid? Not to forget that he is saved by mermaids in the post-credit scene.

Well, apart from that, we expect some new characters to be added to the cast for the second part. King Zog has lost literally the only thing that could prove his right to the throne. With that gone, it is very likely that his first plan of action will be trying to find Dagmar and Bean. And with Elfo with the mermaids, what would this mean?

The first season of the adult animated show is currently streaming on Netflix. The second part will be releasing on September 20, 2019.


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