10-year-old deaf schoolgirl girl hung from a tree with a skipping rope in a shocking case of bullying

Amber Yoon has been viciously bullied at her school previoulsy but the bullies took it a little too far when they hung her from a tree with a skipping rope.

                            10-year-old deaf schoolgirl girl hung from a tree with a skipping rope in a shocking case of bullying

A Perth mother has come out to detail the extreme bullying her 10-year-old disabled daughter had to go through at her school. 10-year-old Amber Yoon was reportedly born with a hole in her heart, as well as a condition which meant her esophagus is disconnected from her stomach. She is also almost completely deaf and has been in and out of the hospital her whole life, making her a target for bullies at her Queen of Apostles Catholic School in the Perth suburb of Riverton.

According to the Daily Mail, this past week she was the target of an almost deadly bout of bullying. Amber was hung from a tree with a skipping rope by the bullies causing her to choke, only coming out of the ordeal alive because a teacher happened to intervene and cut her down. The terrified 10-year-old was even anxious she would get into trouble, only later being let off the hook after the teacher realized that she had, in fact, been the victim.

Belinda Yoon, her mother, took to Facebook to call out the school for not action any action despite them having complained to them on previous occasions. "We have been having issues with amber being bullied and causing major issues with psychological anxiety we have had many meetings with the school over the past few weeks and they were well aware," she posted.

She also detailed this most recent incident, writing, "Friday this same girl wrapped a skipping rope around her neck and hung her by a tree her toes scraping the ground and she couldn’t breathe. The only reason she’s alive is a teacher ran over and got her down."

Amber went home to her mother crying and that's how Belinda knew of what her daughter had gone through during the day. “I was feeling very scared,” Amber told Perth Now. “I thought I was going to die. And I was scared I was going to get into trouble.” She claims the school never notified her or gave her any medical attention, writing about how, after the bullying, Amber was made to "sit in the office all afternoon with no one to console her and write a statement ."

Speaking to Channel 9, the mother said, "We have been having issues with Amber being bullied, causing major issues with anxiety." She added: "What happened that day could easily have had a very different ending and we'd be telling an even sadder story. Amber has been through more in her life, suffered more pain, and been in situations so terrifying most kids thankfully will never experience."

"The fact that Amber is even able to walk is a miracle all on its own, and so to have kids be so nasty and with such a lack of empathy... I don't understand where we as a society have gone wrong, because this is starting to go beyond just your simple schoolyard bullying," she told Perth Now. "We had bullying when I was a kid, but not like this," she added.

Belinda said she thinks that her daughter's bully is still attending the school and that at a minimum, she wanted the bullies to face an automatic suspension and publicly apologize in front of their peers. “To think that someone tries to hurt your baby in such a malicious way is beyond heartbreaking. “I just look at her and I can’t believe someone put her through that violence," she said. Now, tired of the board's inaction, she has withdrawn both Amber and her nine-year-old brother Hunter from the school. Catholic Education Western Australia is now said to be liaising with Western Australia police regarding the incident but has refused to provide any further information "out of respect for the privacy of those involved."