'Dirty John': John spins another web of lies in the next episode 'Shrapnel'

We know John Meehan lied about a lot of things - but what else is he hiding? 'Shrapnel' will definitely give us some answers

                            'Dirty John': John spins another web of lies in the next episode 'Shrapnel'

Debra Newell knows the truth and she wants answers. The proverb, once a liar always a liar, was probably inspired by John Meehan, who attempts to prove it once again in the next episode of Bravo's 'Dirty John'.

In the episode termed 'Shrapnel', John tries to cover up his tracks - and unfortuantely, he succeeds. In the last episode, 'Remember It Was Me', the Bravo show went deeper in John Meehan's life than ever before. This time, Debra finally sees John for who he really is.

While she finds out about his criminal past, dotted with violence and gruesome encounters, the audience too gets a load about his past. The episode utilizes a lot of flashbacks to let us know how he trapped his last wife, Toniya, and manipulated his way into working as a nurse. It also connected to the first episode of the series where we saw Meehan potentially stealing drugs from a patient, making us realize that he had jumped onto Debra right after he got kicked out of the hospital. It left off with John getting admitted to the hospital and Debra leaving him alone to flee with her kids. 


'Shrapnel' picks up from where the last episode left us. John is in the hospital and really ill - although you do doubt if he's actually faking it just to get attention. Either way, it works - Debra comes back to see him and she looks absolutely confused. Seeing an opportunity to fool her once again, John potentially spins another web of lies. Only this time, they are lies to explain why he lied to her in the first place.

He attempts to explain the restraining orders, the fake professional qualification, his lies about working in Iraq and the rest of the story. It looks like an attempt to stop Debra from digging deeper - you can be certain that either Veronica or Terra, Debra's daughters, will dig up some more dirt on John. Apart from stealing her money, gaslighting her family and lying about everything - what dark and sinister plans is John Meehan hiding?  'Shrapnel' has all the answers. 

We also expect to take a deeper dive into Debra's side of the family as well - especially her sister. There's a fair chance that after Toby, she will be the next person on John's list. It definitely looks like Debra will forgive him in the teaser and perhaps give him another chance. This plot only keeps thickening.

Based on the hit podcast of the same name by Los Angeles Times reporter Christopher Goffard, the story follows a con man named John Meehan from Southern California who latches on to an affluent and naive woman named Debra Newell with the full intention of sucking her dry. The real-life story of John Meehan and Debra Newell is the stuff made of nightmares that ended in blood.

'Dirty John' airs every Sunday at 10 pm on Bravo.