'Dirty John': This weekend's episode might change everything you know about Debra Newell

What will Debra do next? Is she really leaving him for good this time? - here's what to expect from 'One Shoe', the upcoming episode of 'Dirty John'

                            'Dirty John': This weekend's episode might change everything you know about Debra Newell

With every episode, 'Dirty John' has continued to surprise us, but the next episode in the Bravo limited series will be nothing like you ever imagined. Episode 6, called 'One Shoe' will be one of the most pivotal chapters in the show so far. Here's what you can expect on Sunday.


At the end of the last episode, we saw Debra Newell heartbroken after she found out that John Meehan had lied to her once again. He had never really cleaned up — he had only pretended to so that she would take him back. Debra was shocked by this discovery.

She had convinced herself that he was seeking redemption and that he really loved her but she now saw that he was a liar and it was impossible for him to change. Lucky for her, John had no idea that his wife had found his foot bleeding after he had injected drugs in between his toes.


He still believes that he has successfully tricked her into thinking he is someone else altogether and her family had been wrong all along. Why wouldn't he be? He knows his performance was absolutely convincing that for a second even we wondered if he had really changed, just like Debra did.

Sick, spewing puke and shivering with high fever, you almost feel sorry for him but not for too long. Debra was smart this time around and Meehan was left in the dark for a change, when episode 5,'Lord High Executioner' ended.

This week's episode will see Debra trying to leave him once again. We also see her reconnecting with her daughter Veronica after their last fight. Ronnie has always been the closest confidant Debra has and it seems pretty obvious that she would go to her for counsel.

However, Ronnie is also the most fearless of the lot which could mean that in the upcoming episode Debra wants her help with something that could be potentially dangerous. Her wig is back, meaning that she's trying to hide from John again and she doesn't want him to know that she's seeing Ronnie or that they are on good terms.

If you connect the dots, there's a chance that in the next episode the mother-daughter duo will plot their revenge against John and he won't know what hit him.

However, knowing the character of John Meehan he will not go down quietly if these two do decide do something drastic. In a sneak peek, we see Ronnie and Debra talking to each other about moving in together. Ronnie tells Deb that John spat on her birth certificate and sent her messages that were threatening and violent. "Stay away from her or else I'll throw you in the ocean", Debra reads a text he sent her daughter, followed by another one, "Jump off a tall building, that would make me smile. Headfirst will work. Your mom and I be laughing," she read out loud, horrified. To make matters worse, he sent Ronnie a video of him doing the deed. It looks like John is getting careless, doesn't he?


He's clearly at a point where he is absolutely sure that nothing can ever come in between him and Deb and that she's completely under his spell. This will probably be the cause of his downfall. This woman has survived 4 failed marriages, has built an amazing career and is friends with every biggie in town — if it were me, I wouldn't underestimate Debra Newell's prowess. 'One Shoe' will definitely be more Debra-centric from the looks of the sneak peek and we are so glad to see Ronnie back with her mum. These two together could be unstoppable. John better watch his back. 

Dirty John' episode 6, 'One Shoe' airs on December 30 at 10 pm on Bravo.

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