You should know this by now — in Bravo's 'Dirty John', things are never what they seem. Other than the obvious fact that John Meehan is a conman, there are other twists in this story that we could have never seen coming — like John's sobriety doctor, for example.

Last week's episode of 'Dirty John' gave us the rude shock of what was in store for Debra Newell after she let John back into the penthouse and how she finally realized that there was nothing true about her husband. Moreover, she also finally began to gauge the extent to which his parasitic nature ran after he started questioning her about spending her own money. This man thought that everything he touched in the world was his — irrespective of what the reality of the situation was.

The episode aptly titled, 'One Shoe' was a pivotal one in the series' storyline and was majorly centered around Debra. This week, it looks like we will be going back to John's exhausting, frustrating and extremely chilling life of crime.

Called 'Chivalry', episode seven will once again take us through the dark meanders of John's life of drug abuse, violence, and severe addiction. Until now, we've only seen the people at the hospital who've been against him, but this episode gives us some insight into how this man managed his operations.

Shockingly, the doctor who had tried to help John get sober in the past episodes had actually colluded with him when it came to selling and stealing hospital drugs. Now, this really puts things in perspective — it affirms our doubts that John had never intended to stay clean in the first place and was playing Debra the whole time!

Even though she had taken him back because he had promised to change — this episode will confirm that it had all been part of a much larger plan. 

So does Debra know? Well, not yet. A teaser shows us that she decides to get a restraining order against him on accounts of domestic violence. However, while talking to her lawyer, she tells him that while he has mentioned "mob connections" and threats to "off Veronica" and "throw her into the ocean", she still doesn't think he would "actually do it". Poor Debra, her goodness may just be the reason for her downfall. Debra still does not believe in John's threats and thinks that it is impossible for someone to be that terrible for real — something that John has played on right from the start. 

After last week's episode, this one will definitely feel faster and the end of this tale will shake your core. Watch 'Dirty John' every Sunday at 10 pm PST on Bravo.