Dionne Warwick thinks Billie Eilish is 'William Eyelash'? Internet says singer said so 'the name is official'

The veteran singer was referring to a 'SNL' skit where Ego Nwodim's Warwick called Melissa Villasenor's Eilish as 'William Eyelash'

                            Dionne Warwick thinks Billie Eilish is 'William Eyelash'? Internet says singer said so 'the name is official'
Dionne Warwick and Billie Eilish (Getty Images)

Veteran singer and actor Dionne Warwick amused her followers with her recent tweets. She wrote, “I took the time to check out William Eyelash. Very spooky. Great vocals. @billieeilish.” Warwick followed it up with, “I thought her name was William Eyelash from the @nbcsnl performance. I do know her name is Billie now.” If you missed last week’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ episode, you might not get the context. But don’t worry, we will bring you up to speed.




On the December 12 episode, hosted by Timothee Chalamet with musical guest Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, there was a skit which spoofed Warwick’s Twitter activities and her beef with Wendy Williams. Ego Nwodim played the ‘Walk On By’ singer on ‘The Dionne Warwick Show’. Ego’s Warwick ‘interviewed’ the likes of Harry Styles, played by Chalamet, Billie Eilish (which she said William Eyelash), played by Melissa Villasenor, Chalamet, played by Chloe Fineman and Machine Gun Kelly, played by Pete Davidson. Ego’s Warwick said, “Maybe you know me from my music or maybe you heard that I just discovered Twitter.” So, that’s what the real Warwick was referring to in her tweets.


However, ‘SNL’ might not be the first to distort Eilish’s name. In 2019, a self-confessed huge ‘The Office’ fan Eilish sat down for a fun chat with Rainn Wilson for GQ, who starred as the popular character Dwight Schrute in the hit sit-com. Eilish admitted in the interview that she spends a lot of her day watching the show: "As soon as I wake up and when I brush my teeth and when I go to the bathroom, when I take baths and sh*t." Wilson channeling his Schrute at one point deadpans, “William Eyelash”.

After Warwick’s recent tweet, Twitter had a field day talking about it and soon ‘William Eyelash’ began trending. Kamala Harris’s niece Meena wrote: “To anyone writing Best of 2020 lists, it is mandatory that you include @dionnewarwick's Twitter.” A user commented, “Dionne Warwick continuing to bless us with her Twitter account. Please look up the SNL skit with her & William Eyelash. You won’t be disappointed.” Another said, “Would happily rock a william eyelash sweater if someone out there wants to get on that.”

A user commented, “I bet that Billie is an admirer of yours, Ms. Warick! She loves the vocalists of the era. She laughs at being called William Eyelash; no harm, she's a sweet kid.” One stated, “William Eyelash is the new name, Ms. Dionne said it so it's official.” One wondered, “Rainn Wilson is in charge of this account? He’s the only person I have ever heard call her William Eyelash. What is happening?” Another commented, “I’m cryingggg. I will now be referring to @billieeilish solely as William Eyelash. Lol.”















Warwick, after the December 12 episode, herself acknowledged the skit and had quote tweeted the skit and said, “This was a hilarious birthday gift. Thank you, @nbcsnl. That young lady’s impression of me was very good and who knew @BrittaniWarrick had so many jobs?”. She also praised Ego. Warwick wrote, “You did a wonderful job, baby. You are a star. @eggy_boom.”




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