How is Thailand really pronounced? Dinesh D'Souza slammed as 'dumb c**t' for defending Trump's 'Thighland'

In his tweets, D'Souza said Trump's pronunciation is actually the correct way to say Thailand as it is pronounced phonetically

                            How is Thailand really pronounced? Dinesh D'Souza slammed as 'dumb c**t' for defending Trump's 'Thighland'
Dinesh D'Souza (Getty Images)

On August 6, President Donald Trump became the victim of online trolls after he was heard pronouncing Thailand in a manner which has sparked an interesting debate on social media. While talking about moving manufacture to Asian countries, Trump said he likes the leaders of Thailand and Vietnam. However, "Thighland" started to trend on Twitter after Internet users noted that Trump couldn’t get the pronunciation right.

In no time Twitter was swamped with puns and memes directed at Trump as his vocabulary yet again left the majority of them in splits. However, Indian-born American far-right politician Dinesh D’Souza weighed in to present his opinion, which was met with equally unexpected reactions as he said that Trump’s pronunciation of Thailand was exactly how it’s supposed to be pronounced. He even stated facts from his own experience, which was contradicted by a significant number of Twitter users. 

His first tweet says, "This is actually the correct pronunciation. Most Americans say it wrong. Thailand is pronounced phonetically. It’s 'Thighland,' not 'Tai-land.'"


In the following tweets, D'Souza further established that "Tai-land” is the crude lingo of people who have never been to "Thighland". He wrote, "Let me clarify. I’m not saying 'Thighland' is how it is said in the Thai language. The French say 'Paree' but that’s not how it is pronounced in English. 'Thighland,' not 'Tai-land,' is how English speakers around the world say it."


D'Souza used the rest of his tweets to offer his followers English lessons, in which he's seen telling them the difference between "I have gone" and "I went", only to prove that Trump's pronunciation of Thailand was right. One of the tweets shared by D'Souza, which has now been removed, read, "I grew up in Indian and learned British English and everyone schooled by the people who actually invented the English language says 'Thighland', which happens to the actual spelling of the word (Thai, not Tai)"

Responding to this one user wrote, "As a Trump fan, you really are a dumb cult aren’t you? Oh, cult is pronounced the English way, with the L sounding like an N."


Adding to the previous tweet a visiting professor at Oxford University, Don Maynihan, wrote, "Now that people in Thailand are telling him how Thailand is pronounced, Dinesh is retreating to explaining that, actually, the proper pronunciation can only be found in India."


Meanwhile, one user opined that Trump grew up in the US and there is no point in D'Souza trying to defend him as the president is famous for his mispronunciations. "And also Trump did not grow up in India. He grew up in the US where Thailand is pronounced like Tai. Tai tea, Pad Tai. That said like, I'm not sure in the realm of all the things Trump has done, mispronouncing Thailand matters."


Seconding the above tweet, one Twitter user from India wrote, "I am from India and I can categorically say that this absolutely not the case in India. We do not say anything even remotely resembling 'Thighland'. Don't let this guy speak for India. We don't want him. You can keep him."


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