Diego Maradona denies daughter's claim that he's dying, accuses children of going after his wealth: 'I’m not dying at all'

Diego Maradona denies daughter's claim that he's dying, accuses children of going after his wealth: 'I’m not dying at all'
Diego Maradona (Source : Getty Images)

After legendary soccer player Diego Maradona's daughter sparked rumors of his impending death last week, the soccer star took to Instagram to make it absolutely clear that he was not dying. 

Last week, his daughter Giannina had asked his fans to "pray for him" as she claimed he was being sedated with pills like a "caged lion".

In an Instagram video posted on Monday, the former Barcelona and Naples player spoke from his home in Argentina and told his fans, "I want to tell you that I’m not dying at all, that I sleep peacefully because I’m working."

The 59-year-old retired sportsman-turned-manager, who is known to have struggled with alcohol and drug addictions as well as weight issues, added that he had no clue as to why his daughter sparked false rumors about his health. 

"I don’t know what she meant to say or what she had interpreted," he said. "What I do know is that, as you get older, people worry more about what you’re going to leave than what you’re doing."

Diego Armando Maradona reacts following the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group D match between Nigeria and Argentina at Saint Petersburg Stadium on June 26, 2018 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. (Getty Images)

Maradona hinted at the fact that his children were after the wealth that he had accumulated over the years, adding that he had no plans of leaving a penny behind for his kids after his death. 

"I tell you all that I’m not going to leave anything, that I am going to donate it. I’m not going to give away everything I earned by running during my life. I’m going to donate it," he said. 

Throughout the video, Maradona kept slurring his words, although he made a conscious effort to give off an appearance of calm. "I am very healthy. Very healthy. Thank you," he said. 

The denial came following a cryptic message posted by Giannina in the wake of Maradona’s 59th birthday on her Instagram Stories. Despite the fact that she did not specifically take names, it left little doubt in anyone's mind as to who she was referring to in her post. 


"He’s not dying because his body decides but they are killing him inside without him realizing it," the message said. "I don’t believe in the benchmark NORMAL, but that is a long way from the reality he deserves. Pray for him please."

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