Diego Maradona fell, hit his head week before he died, says nurse: 'He was left alone for 3 days without help'

Diego Maradona fell, hit his head week before he died, says nurse: 'He was left alone for 3 days without help'
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Diego Maradona fell down and hit his head a week before he died. According to his nurse, he was left alone for three days "without help". The football legend passed away at the age of 60 from "chronic heart failure" at his home in Buenos Aires last week. Police have been probing his death after allegations of medical negligence stemmed. A lawyer for his nurse reportedly said that he had hit his head during a fall in his house, The Sun reports.

As per local media, the football icon was not taken to the hospital nor given an MRI scan for the bump which was on the right side of his skull. At the time of his fall, he had been recovering from brain surgery which had removed a clot on the left side of his head, and was receiving constant care. The lawyer for Maradona's nurse Gisela Madrid revealed, "Maradona fell on the Wednesday of the week before his death. He fell and hit his head, but they didn't take him to the hospital for an MRI or CT scan …" According to attorney Rodolfo Baque, the former Barcelona star had been left home alone for three days post the fall.

Baque shared, "Maradona was unable to decide anything - after the fall he was left alone for three days in his room, without being seen by anyone and without being helped." His preliminary autopsy report had stated that Maradona had suffered from "acute lung edema and chronic heart failure" and had died in his sleep.

A fan mourning Diego Maradona places a picture in an altar outside Argentinos Juniors' Diego Maradona Stadium on November 25, 2020, in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Getty Images) 


It was recently found that Maradona's nurse admitted that she had lied about an early morning check up on him. The confessional has led to mystery and rumors surrounding his untimely death. According to earlier reports, the last person to see him alive was his nephew who had been living with him.

At breakfast, Maradona told his nephew that he wasn't feeling well before he went up to his bed and died in his sleep. However, investigators have been told that he never got up on Wednesday, November 25, to eat anything. The police had found a late-night sandwich which was lying uneaten in Maradona's room when he was found dead. One of the night shift nurse's had told the police that she had seen Maradona "sleeping and breathing normally in bed" around 6.30 am on the morning he died. She then claimed that she had seen him alive at 9.20 am though the medic has admitted that she never went into his room and was "made to lie".

His body was found by psychiatrist Susana Cosachov and psychologist Carlos Diaz before midday. Two of Maradona's daughters, Dalma and Giannia, told the police that they suspected that the medication given to their father was not appropriate. The former Barcelona player's lawyer, Matias Morla, however, confirmed that no medical check-up was conducted on the star in the 12 hours before his death. Morla has also raised suspicion regarding the emergency response as the first ambulance to arrive on the scene took more than 30 minutes to arrive.

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