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Taylor Swift's ‘Evermore’: 5 things you missed in latest MV ‘Willow’ as fans call it ‘better than masterpiece’

‘Willow’ starts where ‘Cardigan’, the title track of ‘Folkore’ ends. She finds herself going back to the piano to search for her love, only this time following a sparkling golden thread
UPDATED DEC 23, 2020

Taylor Swift dropped a new music video, ‘Willow’, from her latest album, ‘Evermore’. True to her ritual, ‘Willow’ shows stunning aesthetics, beautiful imagery, musical majesty and at the same time tickles the listeners' brain muscles as fans recount a number of throwback nods which ties the music video to Taylor's previous album ‘Folklore’ and many more significant turns of her life.



‘Invisible String' & ‘Exile'Taylor Swift's nod to ‘Exile' through the lyrics “I think I've seen this film before” appears at the beginning of the video when she appears in her ‘old cardigan'. ‘Willow' starts where ‘Cardigan', the title track of ‘Folkore' ends. She finds herself going back to piano to search for her love, only this time following a sparkling golden thread, another reference which talks about ‘Invisible String', the track of ‘Folklore' where Taylor sings, “One single thread of gold. Tied me to you.”

‘Reputation' - ‘I did Something Bad' & ‘Mad Woman'

Like ‘Cardigan’, in ‘Willow’, Taylor escapes through various mystic places following the same footsteps of her past self, only this time, she is guided by the invisible string of gold before she reaches a place that looks like an old witch joint where women appear in hooded cloak dress and the nod to mysticism along with referring to her old song where she once said in ‘Reputation”, “they're burning all the witches even if you aren't one” (‘I did Something Bad’) is brilliant.

In the bridge, when the artiste sings, "Life was a willow, and it bent right to your wind/They count me out time and time again/Life was a willow, and it bent right to your wind/But I come back stronger than a '90s trend", you know the old Taylor is right there with the new one reaffirming that her musical reign is far from over. The scene is also a throwback to Taylor's last album track ‘Mad Woman. 


‘Seven' & ‘Mirrorball'

Tracks like ‘Seven' and ‘Mirrorball' also get a throwback in the childhood scene recalling ‘seven' lyrics, ‘I hit my peak at 7' and the circus scene which reminisces Taylor singing in ‘Mirrorball', “They called off the circus”. 

Fans have taken to Twitter to talk about the artistry and brilliance of the album and at the same time, they spotted countless reference which marks this interweaving celebration of the singer’s past and present, a true signature of Taylor Swift in 2020. A fan asked, “wait is the WITCH SENSE THROWING BACK TO "they're burning all the witches even if you aren't one"?!?!?!?!?!?!! GUYS “
Another shared screenshots which refer to Taylor’s past tracks saying, “scenes represent seven, mirrorball, mad woman, and exile.” Taylor Swift herself before the video premiered talked about how the video connects to the mentioned four tracks. Another pointed out, “One single thread of gold tied me to you.”

A Swiftie shared a screenshot of ‘Lover’ and ‘Willow’ with the caption, “Lover and willow parallel’. Another pointed that in ‘Lover’, there were nine rooms which can be a direct nod to Taylor’s nine album where each room represents one, ‘so.. is this the end?” Another fan rightfully summarized the video stating, "#Willow. music video Expectation: *masterpiece* Reality: *better than a masterpiece*"








'Evermore', Taylor's latest LP which she described as the ‘sister album’ to ‘Folklore’, will have 17 tracks, two of which will be bonus editions for the deluxe physical edition. All digital downloads of the album will include an exclusive, digital booklet with 16 brand new photos. Speaking of the new album, Taylor shared the reason behind this special surprise saying, "Ever since I was 13, I’ve been excited about turning 31 because it’s my lucky number backwards, which is why I wanted to surprise you with this now. You’ve all been so caring, supportive and thoughtful on my birthdays and so this time I thought I would give you something!"