Did Prince William, Kate copy Harry, Meghan’s pics? Cambridges ‘honest, natural’, Sussexes ‘PR-minded’: Expert

After Prince William and Kate Middleton released their anniversary pictures, many found them very similar to those released by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to announce the news of their second pregnancy

                            Did Prince William, Kate copy Harry, Meghan’s pics? Cambridges ‘honest, natural’, Sussexes ‘PR-minded’: Expert
Prince William and Kate Middleton (left) for their 10th anniversary, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (right) announcing their second pregnancy (Twitter)

Prince William and Kate shared a picture of themselves posing near a tree on the occasion of their anniversary and there have been comments about how it is quite similar to that of photographs released by Prince Harry and Meghan of their family with Archie in their American home. The surroundings are quite similar and that is what has led to the comparison in the first place. 

A photographer quoted by the Daily Mail, however, begs to differ and explains that the two are pretty different from each other. Portrait photographer Glenn Gratton said that the "clear differences" between the two photographs' look and editing are also an indication of how the two couples would approach royal life. Commenting on the shot taken by celebrity photographer Chris Floyd, who is popular for his Britpop portraits of the 1990s, Gratton said that the image of Will and Kate was "a lovely, straightforward" image.


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Gratton added, "It shows the two brothers are looking for different things in terms of public relations and people’s perception of them as people." He then said, "Neither can be criticized, but for sure William and Kate aren’t trying so much, with a more honest straightforward approach to their images that get sent out to the public" but added that Harry and Meghan's picture appeared to be staged and was more "PR conscious." 

Gratton added, "Harry and Megan are so posed and too considered, yet William and Kate are more naturally sitting relaxed with each other because it’s not staged."

It was on the occasion of their 10th Anniversary that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared two portraits that were taken in the past week in Kensington Palace. One of the pictures sees them stand in a garden and the other is a close-up shot of the two of them sitting down with smiles on their faces. On the occasion of their anniversary, they also shared a video of Prince William, Kate and their children. The caption along with the video read, "Thank you to everyone for the kind messages on our wedding anniversary. We are enormously grateful for the 10 years of support we have received in our lives as a family. W & C."



In the pictures posted by Prince Harry and Meghan, one of the pictures sees them standing with Archie in Meghan's arms while another is more casual as Meghan has put her head on Harry's lap with both of them smiling. The pictures were released to announce the news of Meghan and Prince Harry's second pregnancy and it was all black and white shots. 

The pictures were taken by a photographer who rose to fame after documenting the Black Lives Matter protest and the Black British photographer is Misan Harriman. The Nigerian-born photographer also happens to be a very good friend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's. While speaking of the shoot and the theme, Harriman said that the garden where they shot the pictures symbolized the "tree of life" and the "garden representing fertility, life and moving forward." 

Speaking of Prince Harry and Meghan, Harriman said that the two of them were "so comfortable chatting and being in the moment that they were not fully aware that he was shooting a piece of history." Gratton however disagreed with Harriman and said, "So the difference is quite clear because Harry and Megan are so very conscious and PR-minded with many of their images that they send out."

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