Did former President George Washington live in White House? Cardi B slammed over fears he'd be 'tickling' her feet

Cardi B said she would be scared if she were moving into the White House like Joe Biden because what if George Washington tickled her feet at night

                            Did former President George Washington live in White House? Cardi B slammed over fears he'd be 'tickling' her feet
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Bronx rapper Cardi B never shies away from speaking her mind. While this is a bold and courageous move for a star that often sees her as a trending topic on social media, there are moments when this also backfires. The latest instance being Cardi taking to Twitter to talk about the presidential transition:  "I don't know man I will be freaked out being a new president moving in the White House. That house is sooo old and full of history. My scary a** would be thinking George Washington tickling my feet at night".

Will President-elect Joe Biden also have to fear George Washington keeping him up at night? Fortunately, for the former vice president, the answer is no and as for Cardi B, she may have let history and imagination get the better of her because Washington never lived in the White House!


According to the White House website, George Washington ended his term in 1797, which was before the federal government moved from Philadelphia to the village capital that was named in his honor. But "President Washington did select the site for the President’s House and gave his approval of the Georgian design for the mansion submitted by Irish-born architect James Hoban in an open competition."

No sooner than it was pointed out in one of her replies, Cardi B began getting trolled. "Does it help you to know that George Washington never lived there? Less spooky?" "If she say he did, he did lmao." another added. 




But like Cardi, many of her followers don't want to be spooked by Washington either. "Cardi PLEASE! Not George Washington," one tweeted with a gif of Cardi sipping on wine and laughing. Others suggested cleansing. "Sage sage Sage No matter what house ever house needs a good cleansing when someone moves in- Washington isn’t the president I would be worried about it’s those Adams and one term presidents- Nixon - The ones who no one ever talks about."





To the person who pointed it out, Cardi replied, "I know it was Adams but don’t mess my tweet up." Seems like the fans were eager to move on from this faux pas as a couple of them also took the opportunity to make inquiries about a new album. "Weirdo we don’t care drop the album," one tweeted. To them, the rapper teased, "Music coming soon."






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