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Did Emmy Russell make it to top 24? ‘American Idol’ Season 22 fans accuse judges of making 'wrong' decision

Netizens were left disappointed with several decisions from 'American Idol' Season 22 judges
'American Idol' star Emmy Russell gets advanced to the top 24 by judges (Instagram/@emmyroserussell)
'American Idol' star Emmy Russell gets advanced to the top 24 by judges (Instagram/@emmyroserussell)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Fans of 'American Idol' Season 22 expressed dissatisfaction with the judges' decision to advance Emmy Russell to the top 24 in the competition, alongside Jack Blocker and Jennifer Jefferies.

Many fans believed that Emmy didn't deserve to continue in the competition and felt that the judges had made a mistake in selecting her for the next phase. 

"The ones the judges got wrong this year are Emmy, Jack & Jenny," said one. "I hope Will Moseley wins the entire thing  American Idol I actually hope it’s between him & Emmy Russell," said another. 

"They been pushing emmy from start of auditions truly most obvious ringer of the season americanidol.. she comes off so fake with everything," a user tweeted. "Emmy would’ve been a no," added another fan.



Emmy Russell wants to make her own identity

Emmy reflected on her journey of embracing her family heritage, acknowledging that she used to distance herself from it in the past.

However, she now feels a strong sense of conviction to honor, accept, and celebrate her heritage, especially acknowledging the support and belief her grandmother had in her from the beginning.

"I used to run from my family heritage and wanna make my own path. I feel a deep conviction to thank, accept, and celebrate her, cause she believed in me from the start before anyone did," she wrote on her Instagram. 

With a sense of excitement and anticipation, she views this as the beginning of a beautiful journey toward self-discovery and acceptance.

"Not ashamed anymore. She was never ashamed of me… I’m a granddaughter, and I’m Emmy… it’s all a part of me! This is the start of a beautiful journey. Couldn’t be more excited." 

'American Idol' contestant Emmy Russell is the granddaughter of country legend Loretta Lynn (Instagram/@emmyroserussell)
'American Idol' contestant Emmy Russell is the granddaughter of country legend Loretta Lynn (Instagram/@emmyroserussell)

How many 'American Idol' singers were eliminated during Hollywood Week? 

The judges made significant cuts during Hollywood Week on the show, eliminating more than half of the remaining contestants.

At least 80 singers were removed from the contestant pool during this stage of the competition. The decision-making process was depicted as intense and emotional, as contestants faced the reality of being eliminated from the competition.

"We have to have an emergency meeting with the ABC network because we have a problem," Richie said as the contestants were eliminated. "There’s no way on Earth... half of this class cannot go. It’s just impossible.” 

During the elimination round, several contestants who were unfortunately cut from the competition were Madaí, Noah Peters, Kyra Waits, Kimi, Abby Blake, Conall Gorman, Bethany Teague, Meggie Iyer, Jacy Matthews, Amari Scott Keys, Athena Jett, and CJ Rislove.

Despite their efforts, they were unable to proceed further in the quest to become the next American Idol.

'American Idol' Season 22 judges gave standing ovation to Quintavious' (ABC)
'American Idol' Season 22 judges eliminate as many as 80 contestants during Hollywood week (@ABC)

'American Idol' Season 22 airs on Sundays at 8 PM ET on ABC