Ashley Cain 'finds peace' in spotting daughter Azaylia's face in the clouds after her death: 'She’s listening'

Ashley Cain 'finds peace' in spotting daughter Azaylia's face in the clouds after her death: 'She’s listening'
A picture of Ashley Cain (left), the screenshot sent by fan taken from Ashley's story video (right) (Instagram)

On May 4, Ashley Cain took to his Instagram account to share something that he claimed had helped him find peace after his daughter Azaylia died following a brave battle with leukemia in April. The 30-year-old former soccer star shared a circled screengrab from a video that he had posted the very same morning. 

The original Insta Story was of him out in the morning with a caption that read, "Woke up this morning hurting. Hurting, but inspired." This video caught the attention of a fan who marked a cloud formation behind Ashley to point out how one of them looked like his daughter Azaylia. It was this screenshot that he shared on his Instagram grid along with a touching note. 


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He started the note by saying, "Someone sent me this screenshot today from my story when I was out running and I couldn’t believe it." He then wrote, "I’m finding a lot of peace in the sky at the moment. From beaming orange sky’s at night, to clouds that form my daughters face in the day. I’ve never paid too much attention to the sky, but now I look up to the heavens a lot to speak with my daughter, it’s like she’s showing me signs that she’s listening."


He then concluded by saying, "So many of you have told me that she will always be watching over me and over the past few days, I really believe it. LETS GO CHAMP - I LOVE YOU."

Just a day before, Ashley's girlfriend Safiyya had taken to Instagram to share a picture of an orange sky with clouds where their daughter's initial seemed to shine through. She also claimed that she saw angels along with the letter A on the day. 


While the parents, along with their daughter, were fighting against leukemia, they had started a GoFundMe page to fund the infant's treatment. The goal was set at £1,000,000 ($13,90,735), however, at the time of writing it had raised £1,627,980.

In the page, he wrote, "Our beautiful daughter Azaylia Diamond Cain was just eight weeks old when we got the heartbreaking news that she had been diagnosed with AML Leukaemia. On diagnosis Azaylia had a frighteningly high leukemia count plus tumours in her spleen, stomach, lungs and kidneys which put her in critical condition and resulted in her being put into intensive care. The doctors warned us that there was a high probability that she wouldn’t survive past the first round of chemotherapy due to the aggressiveness and rareness of her disease combined with her age. Yet she surprised them and us all with her strength and courage by pulling through not only 1, but 2 rounds of chemotherapy with very little side effects."

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