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Diana Jenkins calls Sutton Stracke 'c**t', triggered 'RHOBH' fans declare war

'Yea after that little comment about Sutton, Diana can completely just drop off my tv screen forever please #RHOBH,' wrote a fan
'RHOBH' stars Sutton Stracke and Diana Jenkins (Bravo)
'RHOBH' stars Sutton Stracke and Diana Jenkins (Bravo)

ASPEN, COLORADO: It's only night one of the Aspen trips, but the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' ladies are already bringing the heat into the snowy mountains. It all began with the ladies taking offense with Garcelle Beauvais unfollowing Erika Jayne on Instagram after their fight. 

As the perenially thirsty one for the spotlight, Kyle Richards jumped in and recounted how Garcelle unfollowed Lisa Rinna and her during last season, but later followed them back. Kyle revealed that she didn't appreciate Garcelle calling it a "joke". Unfortunately, as Kyle began stirring the pot, Sutton Stracke took the bait. Sutton found it bizarre that the ladies were triggered by a social media unfollow but weren't in the least bit affected by Erika Jayne calling her a "c***" during the reunion of the previous season. Sutton slammed the ladies for none of them having her back or telling off Erika for her poor choice of words. Rinna retaliated by openly asking why anybody should have defended Sutton, but it was Diana Jenkins who took the cake with her retort. Diana quipped that Sutton was a "c***" so she didn't need anybody defending her.


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'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Diana Jenkins (Bravo)
'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Diana Jenkins (Bravo)

While Sutton was too shook to say anything in response, Garcelle called out Diana for using the c-word. 'RHOBH' fans too sided with Garcelle and lashed out at Diana for talking down to Sutton. A fan tweeted, "Sutton really needs to smack the fire out of Diana. She’s so beyond rude. #RHOBH." "Damn loving the strong Sutton tonight! Rinna and Diana trigger the violence in me... I swear. Erika is trying to lay low but Kyle's gotta produce. #rhobh," wrote a fan. "Diana thinking that Sutton is a forbidden c-word, and we have proof!!! Not cool!!! #TCMparty #RHOBH," commented a fan. "Yea after that little comment about Sutton, Diana can completely just drop off my tv screen forever please #RHOBH #oneseasonflop," added a fan.





Sutton Stracke on 'RHOBH' (Bravo)
Sutton Stracke on 'RHOBH' (Bravo)

Another fan observed, "So Erika can call Sutton a C U Next Tues, and it’s ok but Sutton asks the same questions as everyone and they jump on her bc it’s “too far”?? And we have Diana’s burly behind on the floor saying she is and cackling w Erika? I’m truly tired #RHOBH." "Calling Sutton the c word isn’t going to far but calling Diana soulless is makes sense #rhobh," echoed a fan. "Diana only speaks when it’s to please erika’s POV. Does she have a thought/opinion of her own? Her /dislike/ towards Sutton still doesn’t make sense to me. #RHOBH," wondered a fan. "Did Diana Lick Her Lips Jenkins just cause THE Sutton Stracke a C***? OH THIS IS WAR. #RHOBH," announced a fan.





'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 12 airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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