Who was Dezmon Hamilton? Louisiana dad, 34, shot dead by minor daughter's teenage boyfriend

An argument between Hamilton and his daughter's boyfriend escalated into a gunfight, that ended up wounding the boy and killing Hamilton on the scene

                            Who was Dezmon Hamilton? Louisiana dad, 34, shot dead by minor daughter's teenage boyfriend
Dezmon Hamilton did not approve of the suspect's relationship with his teen daughter (Obituary, Legacy)

ZACHARY, LOUISIANA: A Black man from Zachary died from multiple gunshot wounds after reportedly confronting his teenage daughter's boyfriend. Dezmon Hamilton, 34, who was the father of four, was allegedly shot dead by the young boy around 8 am on July 18, 2021. According to his obituary, Hamilton died 45 minutes after the shooting. The suspect has been identified as 17-year-old Nicholas Mcquirter, who reportedly climbed in through the window into Hamilton's 14-year-old daughter's bedroom. 

According to the report by Zachary Police Department, both the victim and the suspect were well-acquainted with each other. In fact, Hamilton did not approve of his young daughter's relationship with Mcquirter. It is believed that the suspect used a ladder to climb onto the girl's bedroom, something he had done in the family's previous apartment as well. Hamilton reportedly had had multiple confrontations with Mcquirter in the past, but the most recent one ended up in a gunfight and Hamilton's tragic death


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Who was Dezmon Hamilton? 

Dezmon Jerome Hamilton, who was nicknamed 'Ham' by his close ones, was an entrepreneur from Zachary. He managed a couple of local businesses and was highly respected by all his neighbors. He was on good terms with the people of the local community, who have sent their condolences after his untimely death. Hamilton was in the middle of building a snowball stand as a gifting gesture toward the community, which is now left unfinished. 

Dezmon Hamilton (C) with his children (Facebook/Black Love Matters 2)

On the fateful morning of Sunday, July 18, 2021, Hamilton found Nicholas climbing in through his 14-year-old daughter's bedroom window. Zachary PD Police Chief David McDavid later stated to WBRZ, "The suspect had got a ladder, got into the second story window to see the homeowner Dezmon Hamilton's 14-year-old daughter. Other instances I'm learning, that when they lived at a prior place in an apartment complex, he used a ladder to get in there. So this has been an ongoing issue. He was hoping to stop it, but it continued."

As soon as Hamilton faced Nicholas, an argument broke out between the two. He reportedly brought the teenager downstairs to talk with him. Soon, the argument escalated into a gunfight, that ended up wounding Nicholas and killing Hamilton on the scene. Though police are not yet certain who was the one to fire first. 

The police have further revealed that as the prime suspect, Nicholas would be facing charges of second-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon, and illegal possession of a stolen firearm, post his release from the hospital. 

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