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Former NFL player Devon Still and wife Asha announce pregnancy following his first child's cancer scare

Former NFL star Devon Still and wife Asha have been married since 2016 and are currently expecting their first child together while his daughter will be cancer-free by 2020
UPDATED FEB 20, 2020
Devon Still and Asha Joyce (Source : Getty Images)
Devon Still and Asha Joyce (Source : Getty Images)

Congratulations are in order for former NFL player Devon Still and wife Asha. Still and Asha have been married since 2016 and are currently expecting their first child together. The NFL star is not new to the parenting world and has an eight-year-old daughter named Leah from his previous relationship. 

According to People, Asha said, "We’ve been waiting for this moment, so we’re overjoyed right now!” The happy news came after a long wait for the couple who experienced a lot of difficulties over the last few years they have been together. Almost five years ago, in June 2014, Still's daughter Leah had been diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma.

After her diagnosis, the football player stepped down from the NFL in order to take care of his daughter. He was lated signed to the Cincinnati Bengal's practice team just so he would be able to keep his health insurance for his daughter's treatment. Now, those hard days are behind them. 

Apart from having a baby on the way, Leah, who is now eight-years-old, has been in remission since 2015 and is currently on her way to be cancer-free by 2020.

“Because of the health scare with Leah, that’s what made us put off [having kids for] so long since our wedding. Her cancer diagnosis really flipped our world upside down and a lot of things were chaotic in our everyday struggles,” Devon said. “I honestly was scared to have another kid because of what happened to Leah.”

“Making that decision to go ahead and try to get pregnant was a big decision so we’re glad we were able to make it over those humps to make it happen,” he added. The couple found out that Asha was pregnant in January. Revealing that they were struggling to conceive for months, in the end, they tried the Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System to keep a tab on Asha's cycle.

“Initially, we were trying for a few months and we weren’t making our mark," Asha revealed, saying that they considered many other options which include fertility clinics before they tried Clearblue. “Being able to track my cycle from day to day and to get those results that I was at my peak fertility, that’s exactly what we needed.”

Still revealed that, when the time came for Asha to take her pregnancy test, he wanted to be the first one to look at the results. “When I walked into the bathroom and looked at the test, I was shocked,” he revealed. “I broke down crying because not only did Asha want this really bad, but so did I and it was finally time." 

They revealed that Leah is super excited and that they have deiced to wait till the baby is born to find out its gender. "The biggest thing for us is not gender, but just having a healthy baby. We want to embrace that moment and find out right when I deliver; it’ll be very emotional," Still and his wife reveal to People. 

As for potential names, Still revealed that Asha wants to name the baby Devon Jr. if it is a boy. But Still is not up for it. "For me, it’s tough. I think every man wants to have that junior and wants somebody to carry their name, but I also want my son to be able to create a name for his own self," he revealed. “If Asha wants a junior, then I’m not gonna argue with my wife because I know that she runs the household,” he added.

Talking about Leah he said, "She wants a sister named Michelle. She wants to be a big sister. She wants to name her Michelle either because of Michelle Obama or because of [Michelle Tanner from] 'Full House'."