'Devils' Episode 2 Review: Massimo's plan to spark scandal against NYL fails as Dominic jumps into action

'Devils' Episode 2 Review: Massimo's plan to spark scandal against NYL fails as Dominic jumps into action
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Spoilers for 'Devils' Season 1 Episode 2 

Picking up from the events of the season premiere, 'Devils' returns for a second episode that has little rewards and is a drag. Massimo Ruggero (Alessandro Borghi) is feeling betrayed by his father figure Dominic Morgan (Patrick Dempsey). He knows that there is more to Dominic, who he once considered to be an ideal man. But now slowly, his true colors are showing, thus leaving Massimo in need of revenge. 

In Episode 2 of 'Devils', Massimo devises a meticulous plan that will plummet NYL's stock prices and create an irreparable scandal against the bank. His plan was waiting only till the moment that he can cash in on it and then leave. This scandal revolves around the circumstances surrounding Edward Stuart's (Ben Miles) supposed suicide. A major part of the episode is utilized in showing the workings of this plan. It is filled with unnecessary information disguised as relevant plot points and it is tempting to leave the episode at that. 

Massimo's public exposé doesn't go as planned and he stumbles upon more important news that Edward might, after all, be murdered. It is revealed to him that Ed had indeed passed on that promotion that had the two quarreling and had even given in his resignation. In the midst of so many questions, Massimo also discovers a snitch in his team. Paul McGuinnan (Harry Michell) is blackmailed (indirectly) by Dominic into leaking Massimo's plan. He is fired by Massimo, who, as it turns out unsurprisingly, is all about loyalties. 

Only he doesn't know what is to come. His wife dies in the hospital as the doctors weren't able to retrieve her back from a coma. And there he stood, alone in the center of his massive office, mourning the death of the only woman he ever loved. Episode 2 offers insight into their relationship via flashbacks that urge the viewers to know what went wrong in all those years and just how much did Dominic Morgan have to do with it. 

'Devils' tries to convey a lot via its dialogue and little with its storyline. The episode runs at a slow pace with the first half focusing on the immediate aftermath of Ed's death and both Massimo and Dominic jumping into action. But an excess of financial jargon makes it a drag. The story only picks pace in the second half of its run as we finally see Dominic in action. So far, we were only told that Dominic is an evil mastermind, but we now see the lengths he can and will go to, to win. Episode 2 underperforms the season premiere but squeezes in just enough to keep the interest going. 

'Devils' will air Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW. 

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