Denmark demands love letters and photos as proof of romance to allow reunion of lovesick cross-border couples

Denmark demands love letters and photos as proof of romance to allow reunion of lovesick cross-border couples
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Officials in Denmark on Monday, May 25, eased Covid-19 restrictions for travelers entering from other Scandinavian nations and Germany if they are doing it for a legitimate "purpose". Under the new arrangement, people who are seeking reunion with their spouses or fiancees in Denmark are allowed besides the couples who have been in a relationship for at least six months. But the officials have also said that the partners who are attempting to cross the border have to produce evidence of the relationship and its tenure and as proof. He or she can bring either a photo or a love letter.
Deputy police chief Allan Dalager Glausen told Danish broadcaster DR: "They can bring along a photo or a love letter." Defending the policy which could sound bizarre to many, he said, "I realize these are very intimate things, but the decision to let in the partner ultimately rests on the judgment of the individual police officer."


Partners must prove they had steady relationship before crisis

The government said later that within a few days, partners of Denmark residents living across its borders would be required to produce a written declaration seeking entry. "If you say, you are in a relationship and put it in writing, that is enough," Denmark Justice Minister Nick Haekkerup told Norwegian broadcaster TV2.

The law-enforcement agents would also acknowledge text messages or personal information as proof. Notably, the partners would have to prove they had regular personal meetings before the pandemic started as relationships that featured "solely of written or telephone correspondence" would not be recognized "in the context of the current entry restrictions", Danish authorities said, a report in Deutsche Welle said. They also said it was up to the visitor to decide what information he would produce before the border officials.

The issue drew attention of the opposition which slammed it over privacy concerns. "I've never heard of a country where entry requires the showing of intimate texts or photos from a partner," Kristian Hegaard of the Social-Liberal Party said on Twitter. "We finally allowed couples to visit each other, but did not abolish the right of privacy."


Grandparents, college students, patients can enter Denmark

The list of people who were allowed to enter Denmark includes grandparents who want to visit their grandchildren, students attending Danish colleges, people seeking medical treatment or those attending a funeral or trial. Besides, tourists would also be granted permission to cross the border if they have a holiday home in Denmark and want to spend their time there. Those seeking to spend vacation in a rented property or hotel, however, are not going to get approval. The DW report said the Danish government is likely to come up with more comprehensive guidelines for tourists by the end of this week. 
Denmark shut its borders for non-citizens on March 14 to curb the spread of the coronavirus, indicating that people with a clear purpose could enter the country. Since then, elderly couples have been witnessed on the Danish-German border, drinking coffee on each side of the border and holding hands over the barriers to stay in touch, Reuters reported on Monday. Denmark, a country of around 5.8M people, has seen over 11,500 people getting affected by the coronavirus while the death toll is around 560.


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