Democratic debate: Tulsi Gabbard takes a dig at Hillary Clinton for 'rot' in Democratic Party as Trump camp sees it as good ammo

The Hawaii Congresswoman said that the Democratic Party was no more a party of, by or for the people and was more influenced by foreign-policy establishment dominated by the likes of Hillary Clinton. The Republican camp grabbed the moment.

                            Democratic debate: Tulsi Gabbard takes a dig at Hillary Clinton for 'rot' in Democratic Party as Trump camp sees it as good ammo
Tulsi Gabbard (Source : Getty Images)

The fifth Democratic Debate took place in Atlanta on Wednesday, November 20, and it featured 10 candidates, two less than the last one. Moderated by an all-women panel, the debate saw the beginning with a question on the ongoing impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump in connection with his alleged links with Ukraine.

The debate saw Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard joining the talks much later, along with Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer. But when she eventually did, she gave the Trump camp a reason to cheer about.

Gabbard took on her own party 

Gabbard, a former servicewoman, was asked about the “rot” she believes former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has inflicted on the Democratic Party. Gabbard said the party ceased to be one “of, by and for the people” and was more influenced by the foreign-policy establishment that was represented by Hillary and others. Gabbard found herself at the receiving end in a public attack by Hillary and she has chosen to respond to that and it has seen her numbers rising slightly. 

An official account of the Trump camp called ‘Trump War Room’ pushed Gabbard’s words on the Democratic Party and Republican supporters mocked the Hawaii politician saying she was doing the work for the president who her own colleagues are attacking. 


It was then Gabbard vs Harris

Gabbard was attacked by California Senator Kamala Harris who said the former spent four years under the Barack Obama administration slamming it on Fox News and “buddied up to Steve Bannon” to get a meeting with Trump. She also criticized her for meeting Syrian dictator Bashar Al Assad.

Gabbar hit back at Harris, accusing her of trafficking in lies and not countering the substance of her argument. Gabbard said as the president, she will work to rebuild the Democratic party and take it away from regime-change wars that only leaves lives and money in ruins. 

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