Democratic debate: Sanders says Trump must shut up and stop 'blabbering' misinformation about coronavirus

Democratic debate: Sanders says Trump must shut up and stop 'blabbering' misinformation about coronavirus
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Former vice president Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders arrived for the 11th Democratic debate in Washington DC on March 15 night. The occasion was a unique one as there was no one in the audience and the two candidates were made to stand six feet apart on the podium because of the coronavirus scare. The debate was supposed to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, but was later shifted to DC.

As expected, the two candidates (the third name in the fray, Tulsi Gabbard, did not qualify) were asked questions on coronavirus which has killed almost 6,000 people across the world including 68 in the US. 

While Biden and Sanders agreed over a lot of points on ways to deal with the deadly virus, the latter was more forthcoming in his criticism of the president, the healthcare system and the pharmaceutical industry.

'President Trump needs to be shut up'

Sanders said that the first step towards tackling the coronavirus' outbreak will be to "shut up" President Donald Trump. "The first thing we have to do, whether or not I am president, is to shut this president up right now," Sanders said adding, "He is undermining the doctors and scientists who are trying to help the American people. It is unacceptable for him to be blabbering with un-factual information that is confusing the general public."

The socialist leader, who is trailing Biden in the delegate race to bag the presidential nomination, then lashed out at the pharmaceutical industry saying there are people in that industry who are relishing the pandemic thinking it has opened a huge opportunity for them to make profits. Sanders said he would go after them if he were the president. 

The Trump administration has faced flak over its response to coronavirus with the opposition accusing him of downplaying the virus and making it a secondary consideration to his re-election bid. 

Sanders then spoke in favor of the common people saying they should not feel scared when they get sick with the coronavirus and their payments will be made. In this connection, the veteran said despite the US spending huge money in its healthcare system, the people of the country are feeling helpless when it comes to coronavirus.

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