Demi Rose shows off underboob in epic clap back at body shamers, says she once lost 37kgs due to eating disorder

Demi Rose is standing up for herself after she was body-shamed by people over a photograph

                            Demi Rose shows off underboob in epic clap back at body shamers, says she once lost 37kgs due to eating disorder
Demi Rose (Getty Images)

Demi Rose is not letting body shamers and trolls take over her life. With the coronavirus pandemic locking everyone in their homes, Rose has been keeping busy by posting her photographs on social media. While the model has been enjoying her time in the lockdown, some trolls decided to come at her and stated that she had gained weight. However, Rose decided to speak up rather than ignore the trolls.

In an Instagram picture, she showed off her curvaceous figure and underboobs to shed light on how she was over body shamers. "I’m over people shaming people for how they look, I’m over people that aren’t pure and transparent, I’m over lockdown, I’m over not being able to connect with all my friends, I’m over a lot," she wrote. "But I’m not over loving as freely and as openly as I can, appreciating all that is, letting go of what doesn’t serve me and having faith in all that's to come," she continued. Rose even spoke about this on her Instagram stories as she wore a blue bikini and showed off her incredible figure. 

Rose said she had been getting comments in which people mentioned that she had put on weight after they saw a picture of her in an oversized T-shirt. She reminded people how important it was to be kind and nice to others, especially during a pandemic when people cannot go about their usual business. Rose reminded everyone that people can't go to the gym and they are already feeling a certain way. She asked people to be more careful about what they comment as she reflected on the time when she was suffering from an eating disorder. "Mind your own f*****g business...  People should be more careful on their comments. I had an eating disorder when I was younger. I went down to 37kgs and honestly it's not something that I need to hear because I love myself."

She further added that the comments made by people can often send others into a downward spiral which could result in suicide and eating disorders. While she assured her fans that she won't harm herself, she reminded them that there were people who took things personally. Rose added that people's weight often fluctuates. She spoke about her friends as an example and said that sometimes when they post a throwback picture, they are faced with negative comments stating that they photoshop their images. She ended the post by reminding her fans about the importance of loving oneself through loses and gains and asked them not to pay attention to any trolls.

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