Demi Lovato's no-makeup selfies will breathe life into you

The beautiful Demi Lovato has got to have the most gorgeous skin ever! The singer loves to share makeup-free selfies, and we're all for it.

                            Demi Lovato's no-makeup selfies will breathe life into you
Demi Lovato (Getty Images)

A lot of celebrities share photos of their 'flawless', 'makeup-less' faces, but let's face a truth here, people. No one does it better than Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato, singer, actress, and flawless goddess. That's what her resume should say.

Demi's got a knack to get the best results of a #NoMakeup selfie. She loves sharing selfies of her beautiful, freckled skin that makes you wish you had skin as flawless as hers. 

Demi loves to show off her freckles, and often says that her freckle game is always 'on point'. On point? They're damn near perfection!

Demi's selfies are often bathed in beautiful sunlight that draws our attention to her flawless skin. What's her beauty secret?

The singer swears by a couple of tried and tested methods to keep her skin flawless. One thing she swears by is double cleansing. Demi uses an emulsion cleanser and lets it soak into her skin, before following up with an exfoliating salicylic acid face wash.

Another way she keeps her skin so perfect is that she's a stickler for routine. Demi doesn't let her busy schedule get in the way of her skincare routine. 

Added to that, Demi likes to stick to the products she's been familiar with. It's always good to stick to products your skin is used to!

Her favorite, though, is to get facials. The singer loves to pamper her skin and often gets organic facials that benefit her already-flawless skin. 

Our hope is to achieve her near-perfect skin. But personally, I think her glow comes from her soul. Demi's been working on her music and recently even performed at Florida. We're so glad to see she's been doing well. Especially after hearing about her alleged bully at the Met Gala.