Delta gives woman $200 travel voucher after she was sexually harassed on flight

Delta gives woman $200 travel voucher after she was sexually harassed on flight
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A woman who was allegedly sexually harassed on a Delta Airlines flight has claimed that after she complained of the assault she was neglected by the crew on the aircraft and was handed a travel voucher. The Los Angeles-based fashion brand founder Delany Eva Luh wrote about the assault and the crew's treatment in a series of tweets on the popular micro-blogging site on Friday.

"I’m finally able to speak about this story of how I woke up to being sexually assaulted on my @Delta flight home from Chicago to LA last month," Luh tweeted.

She said that the incident occurred on a flight she took on June 16 from Chicago to LA. Luh recounted that she was seated between two male passengers in the plane and had fallen asleep and woke up at one point to find her seatmate, who appeared intoxicated, shoving his hands down her leggings.

Luh said that she panicked and broke into tears in an attempt to get the attention of the flight attendants in the aircraft.

"In a state of panic, I freaked out and begun crying to get the flight attendants attention. Once I calmed down, they changed my seat for the remainder of the 2 hours left and told me they would handle the situation when we landed," she tweeted.


Luh said that after her horrific encounter, she was assured by the flight crew that she would be escorted off the flight after landing and that the man, whom she identified as "Will", would be arrested.

Luh, however, added that this was not the case and she eventually learned that the accused had left the airport even before the authorities arrived at the airport. 

The woman said that Delta Airlines instead issued a $200 travel voucher to her, which did not even cover the cost of the flight she had taken.

She added that when the LA police arrived at the airport, they told her that the Delta crew did not follow proper protocol while handling the incident.

The entrepreneur, through her account, is encouraging her sexual assault survivors to speak up for themselves when something similar happens to her.

"Don’t let society and fear keep you quiet. This behavior is not acceptable," Luh tweeted along with the hashtag #MeToo. 

The airlines, on Saturday, tweeted and apology and requested Luh to send them a direct message so that they could make the situation "right," according to Yahoo.


A spokesperson for Delta, Trebor Banstetter, while talking to a local news station KLTA, said that such behavior is "unacceptable."

"The incident was reported to local and federal law enforcement shortly after the aircraft landed. We have reached out to Ms. Luh for more information on this incident," Banstetter said.


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