'Defending Jacob' Episode 7: Andy asking Jacob if he killed Ben gives fans the 'chills', leaves them speechless

'Defending Jacob' Episode 7: Andy asking Jacob if he killed Ben gives fans the 'chills', leaves them speechless
Andy Barber (AppleTV+)

Spoilers for 'Defending Jacob' Episode 7 'Job'

It was a heartbreaking episode and fans by the end of it were left devastated as just every circumstance pointed that Jacob (Jaeden Martell) committed the murder. The final scene sees Andy Barber (Chris Evans) ask his son whether he did it, and all the while this was a man who never believed the teen was a murderer. 

"When Andy asked Jacob if he did it in the car, CHRIS AND MICHELLE ACTED THE HELL OUT OF THAT SCENE, THOSE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS #DefendingJacob," a fan tweeted. "I can’t believe it just ended like that #DefendingJacob," another fan said.  "LITTERAL CHILLS! That episode blew me away! #DefendingJacob  I’m speechless @ChrisEvans @jaedenmartell @AppleTV,"  wrote another, and for the first time ever ladies and gentlemen: andy barber suspects Jacob actually killed ben #DefendingJacob," a fan said. 

"@ChrisEvans I absolutely love #DefendingJacob but today’s episode 7 is my favorite everyone played their characters magnificently and the scenes were wicked and tense.#chrisevans," a fan opined. "Wow. Like, WOW! Hands down, those were some of the absolute best courtroom exchanges I've seen in film or TV. Everyone was spectacular. Wasn't sure how ep. 6 could be topped, but I was just shown how.  #DefendingJacob #ChrisEvans #fyc," a fan wrote. 


"I just hope Laurie n Andy don’t divorce amidst all this nonsense. #DefendingJacob," one of the fans hoped. "Next week's episode of #DefendingJacob is gonna be beyond awesome. Sucks it's gonna be the last one. With today's epi, I reconfirm that I really dislike Laurie (Amazing acting by #MichelleDockery btw!)," another tweet read. 

One fan blamed Jacob for being careless. "Why would Jacob write that under that username knowing Derek knows about it?? where is the common sense in this boy! #DefendingJacob". With cutter porn coming in as one of the argument points, the jury was led to believe that Jacob was indeed guilty as this suggested violent tendencies. That said, the focus was in a heart-broken Andy. To sum up, here's a tweet that says, "the way andy's voice cracked when he said, "did you do it?" ISTG DON'T TOUCH ME I'M IN PAIN #DefendingJacob ."


Episode 7 of 'Defending Jacob' is available for streaming on Apple TV+.

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