'Defending Jacob' Episode 6 could see the connection between murderer Billy, Andy and his son exposed

'Defending Jacob' Episode 6 will see the prosecution explore every possible avenue to ensure that the charges against Jacob in Ben Rifkins' murder case sticks

                            'Defending Jacob' Episode 6 could see the connection between murderer Billy, Andy and his son exposed
Andy, Jacob and Laurie (Apple TV+)

'Defending Jacob' Episode 6 will see Andy's (Chris Evans) father take centerstage considering it cannot be too long before the prosecutor's side figures out Andy's connection to Billy Barber (J. K. Simmons), a murderer. This is something that Andy and his family have been preparing for since Jacob (Jaeden Martell) was charged with Ben Rifkin's murder. It was in preparation for this that the family had even attempted to do a DNA test and match it with Jacob to ensure that they can prove that there is no "murder gene" that can be called as evidence in court.

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Andy is aware of what extent the prosecutors will go to so he had to come clean about his father to Jacob and Laurie. When Andy had visited his father, Billy had refused to help him, but Laurie (Michelle Dockery) couldn't let it go because she needed to do everything within her means to ensure her son's safety. So, she meets her father-in-law for the first time in jail to request him to help his family out. He agrees, which surprises Andy but he has since been waiting for the other shoe to drop. The upcoming episode could be about this other shoe.

How far will Andy and Laurie go towards believing that their son Jacob is innocent? This is something that we will see Laurie struggle with especially. In his attempt to ensure that their family is considered normal, Andy has ignored all the red signals regarding his son. From when he was a kid to now. However, Laurie is the one who has noticed the tiny details about Jacob that haunts her now, especially. Like when he tried to hit a child with a heavy ball, or his lack of empathy. 

For instance, Sarah, Jacob's friend had only tried to help him by telling the cops about Derek stealing Ben's phone. However, when he learns about the complete truth behind why Derek stole the phone, Jacob labeled Sarah a slut. He even addressed her as such when she tried to get him to talk to her. Jacob seems like a smart kid, but when it comes to how he perceives other kids in his class or his school, there is a sense of detachment. He sees the other students as a separate entity, a characteristic that is quite similar to his father who according to Detective Duffy and his wife Laurie, doesn't have 'real' friends.

All of this, along with the preparation for the upcoming trial will be the focus of the next episode, and Andy will be answering questions about this in the present in front of the jurors.

New episodes of 'Defending Jacob' will drop on Friday on Apple TV+.

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