'Defending Jacob' Episode 5 Preview: Andy faces his father in jail but could Jacob really be the killer?

He is looking for the DNA of a murderer

                            'Defending Jacob' Episode 5 Preview: Andy faces his father in jail but could Jacob really be the killer?
Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery (Apple TV+)

'Defending Jacob' Episode 5 will see if and how Andy Barber (Chris Evans) faces his murderer father in jail. Andy has to acquire his father Billy Barber's (JK Simmons) DNA to test Jacob (Jaeden Martell) and ascertain if he really has the murder DNA.

He was informed by Jacob's psychiatrist that she would need Andy's father's DNA to ensure that they can help make a plan to form a defense in case he does have murder passed through his DNA. However, the only way Andy's father would even consider this is if Andy were to meet him. This is something we had seen in the last episode.

In the upcoming episode, Andy would have to take a call. Will he really face up to his father and ask him for this favor? After all, he hasn't met his father since the day the man was imprisoned and if one was really adamant about it, then this is the kind of behavior that could push his father to further hate him.

At this time, a stray thought that occurs is that Jacob must have been acquitted of all charges. If not, why would Andy have to face the members of the jury again and go through the events of the past?

Let's consider how Andy is also cooperating to questioning from the prosecutor who was part of the team in Jacob's case. So far, he hasn't been forthcoming with all details, but he hasn't lied about anything that had happened in the past. This includes throwing the knife away, how his household had almost broken down because of this case, and so on. After seeing Jacob so blatantly try and push blame on Derek, taking the attention away from him, also makes us wonder if this was Jacob's plan from the beginning. 

He mentions how Derek was questioned by detective Duffy and also mentions how Derek used to be obsessed with Sarah in school. This had even pushed Andy to think of the plausibility of Derek being the perpetrator of the crime, instead of Jacob. However, the matter-of-fact tone that Jacob used when he said Sarah was around only because she pitied him shows that Jacob is not just a kid, but he is perceptive.

He was also bothered about his lawyer not believing him. As if her trust was something that he had counted on and couldn't have. Considering how perceptive Jacob really is, why would a lawyer doing her job bother him? This also hints at the possibility that Jacob might have just committed the crime and everything that has happened so far has been a result of that. The next episode will expand further on how Jacob really feels about Sarah and if the fledgling friendship will make it past this case and trials,

New episodes of 'Defending Jacob' will drop on Friday on Apple TV+.

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