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'Defending Jacob' Episode 5: Andy Barber and Neal Loguidice's frosty relationship starts spilling over the series

There has been a sense of unease between the two former colleagues since the opening season

Spoilers for 'Defending Jacob' Episode 5 'Visitors'

One of the main storylines in 'Defending Jacob' moves around the courtroom sequences between Andrew Barber (Chris Evans) and Neal Loguidice (Pablo Schreiber) where the latter, at every opportunity, tries to get the better of Andy only to receive measured responses that manage to keep him at bay. There has been a sense of unease between the two former colleagues since the opening season and for all we know, it is safe to assume it will surely and definitely spill over to the rest of the series. 

In 'Visitors', the focus of the inquiry is on Laurie (Michelle Dockery). She is blindsided by one of the journalists at a snack bar. While Andy and Laurie have an argument about it, they reconcile. That said, Loguidice still attempts to push Andy to see if he can extract some more information. It is interesting to see how the rivalry between the two colleagues pans out. For those familiar with the book by Wiliam Landay, they know the relationship between the duo is pretty icy. 

At this stage, those who are heavily invested in the show might look at Loguidice as one of those characters who deserved hate for coming up on Andy with cross-questions just at about every turn. However, it should be noted that they were actually working at the same place and Andy taught him everything he knew. This implies that his teammate would be a tough contender to beat at trial.

The earliest hint comes from Episode 2 'Everything is Cool' when Andy finds out that Loguidice was the one handling the case.

While there are three episodes left that determine the outcome of the case and Jacob's (Jaeden Martell) fate, there is still a question of how Andy and Loguidice get on by the end. And since we are looking at the courtroom conversation from a present-day lens, we can safely speculate this case is far from over.

What are your thoughts on 'Visitors' and the relationship between Loguidice and Andy?

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