Josh McKay's latest act 'The Corsican' is equal parts throwback to the '70s and funky fresh

It is the perfect antidote to the over-saturation of pop love songs we get every year around this time

                            Josh McKay's latest act 'The Corsican' is equal parts throwback to the '70s and funky fresh
Josh McKay (Getty Images)

Whether you know him as the bassist of the indie rock band Deerhunter, the frontman of post-rock band Macha, member of shoegaze band Mice Parade, Seaworthy, Abandon the Earth Mission, or guitarist and keyboard player for The New Year - Josh McKay is a force to be reckoned with and easily stands out as one of the most gifted writers, producers, and musicians of the modern era.

And now he’s back as part of another act: The Corsican.

His latest release comes in the form of two songs on The Valentines Single, this release is truly a complete Valentine’s package. What makes it any different from all the other Valentine’s Day releases, you might ask? There is absolutely nothing about it that resembles the formulaic, hyper-produced sound that we have come to associate with pop music today.

A-side track 'Fever Believer' offers a high-energy 70s rock song and instantly showcases McKay’s range as a creator. Both musically and vocally, this track is an absolute throwback but it does this without losing itself in the sea of remixes and reboots. It’s retro and fresh all at once.

The Corsican (Josh McKay from Deerhunter) - Fever Believer (A-side from 'Valentines Single') (Press Kit)

With B-side’s 'Love At First Sight', McKay gives an actual remake by reworking a song of the same name by The Gist. But where the original had a gorgeous groove that really sucks you in despite having fewer lyrics (mostly because Stuart Moxham felt he had very little to say), McKay’s take on the song is extremely smooth, gliding through the lyrics effortlessly. If dark chocolate and velvet had a baby, it would probably sound like this.

The two songs seem like they couldn't be further apart, yet they work together perfectly on this release, complementing each other beautifully. The 70s rock runs through both tracks, tying them together and transporting the listener into a totally different space.

While McKay does carry over the dreamy, floating quality of a lot of his music from his other acts, he still manages to create something that is unique and stands on its own. Somehow, the multi-talented artist has the ability to reinvent himself with each project in a way that is both true to his previous work but fresh enough to separate itself from the rest.

Stream and buy The Corsican's 'Valentine Single' Here. 

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