‘Debris’ Season 1 Episode 1 Spoilers: What is Debris? Here's how the alien aircraft wreckage causes hallucinations

Debris refers to the wreckage of an alien spacecraft that tore apart and the pieces started to descend on earth

                            ‘Debris’ Season 1 Episode 1 Spoilers: What is Debris? Here's how the alien aircraft wreckage causes hallucinations
Jonathan Tucker and Riann Steele in 'Debris' (NBC)

NBC’s latest sci-fi thriller ‘Debris’ is set to enthrall viewers with a mysterious storyline and stunning visuals. The series revolves around two agents trying to protect a thing called Debris from the bad guys.

“Debris” is the wreckage of an unknown alien aircraft that has come apart and the pieces are descending to Earth. The mysterious thing starts causing problems when people are reported missing and their disappearances are linked with the wreckage. However, it is not the only thing that’s aggravating tensions for agents Finola Jones (Rinn Steele) and Bryan Beneventi (Jonathan Tucker). A gang of bad guys is also after the debris to fulfill their malicious intent. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what exactly is 'Debris' and how it affects humanity.


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Jonathan Tucker and Ryann Steele as Bryan Beneventi and Finola Jones (NBC)

What is 'Debris'?

Debris is any piece of machinery or debris left by humans in space. However, in the television series, debris refers to the wreckage from an unknown alien aircraft that has come apart and is now descending on the earth’s atmosphere. The wreckage has a mysterious identity to it and the agents are coming to know what kind of effect it has on humankind. The authorities are trying to figure out the wreckage and leading the way in the exploration are the US and the UK. The case gets weirder when a maid working at a hotel touches a piece of “Debris” and dies by vanishing through the concrete floor.

Finola Jones is an MI6 agent from the UK and Bryan Beneventi is from the CIA. Jones believes that if the technology is in the right hands it might open doors to technological advancements for the entire humankind. Both Bryan’s and Finola’s home agencies have their own agendas and Bryan’s CIA boss Norbert Leo Butz is clearly hiding something from his field operatives. However, it is not that easy because “Debris” is showing some characteristics that are unknown to everyone.

A scene from the trailer of NBC's 'Debris' (YouTube)

How was 'Debris' found?

While talking to each other, the British agent tells Bryan that her “father”, George Jones, was the world’s first astrophysicist to know about the wreckage. George saw all the shots taken from the Hubble Telescope and found that the “Debris” cloud is absolutely enormous. When the pieces started arriving on Earth, George said that it “made him believe again".

How does it affect the people of Earth?

Here comes the tricky part. No one knows how the mysterious wreckage reacts. The pilot episode does give us a glimpse of what it is capable of. 'Debris' has the enormous power of getting into people’s minds and making their dreams a reality. However, the most important aspect of the entire scenario is that it has the power to sense grief, resulting in hallucinations.

In the episode, a woman named Mary Vandenberg loses his son Kieran to an accident. Mary is unable to get over it and grief takes over her mind. A massive piece of wreckage seems to have fallen just behind their house. She decides to take a stroll and bumps into the wreckage. As soon as she sees it, she starts to see her dead son. One day, she sees Kieran standing in front of her. However, it was just a shadow and not the older Kieran. This means that 'Debris' has the ability to sense grief and pulls people away from reality to give them what they long for. It was Mary’s grief that caused her dead son to manifest.

Jonathan Tucker and Riann Steele in NBC's 'Debris' (Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

The same thing happens with Finola as well. As soon as she sees the wreckage, she also sees her dead mother's smiling face.

Additionally, 'Debris' is indirectly responsible for the mysterious deaths occurring in the nation. The wreckage has the power to do things that are unknown to mankind. Anything that comes in contact with it starts levitating one foot above the ground. People will also be curious to know why Kieran was feeding off people’s energy to stay alive after he was revived.

Was Debris responsible for it? Does Debris need the energy to stay strong? The unknown technology could have another layer to it which nobody knows about. Let's hope we get all the answers as the series moves forward.

Watch the pilot episode of ‘Debris’ on NBC on March 1, 2021, at 10 pm ET.

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