‘Debris’ Episode 1 Spoilers: Did Kieran kill his mom? Here's how the ‘debris’ could lead to death

The show chronicles the journey of two agents, Finola Jones and Bryan Beneventi, coming together to protect the mysterious alien technology from the bad guys

                            ‘Debris’ Episode 1 Spoilers: Did Kieran kill his mom? Here's how the ‘debris’ could lead to death
Riann Steele as Finola Jones and Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi in 'Debris' (NBC Universal)

Spoilers for ‘Debris’ Episode 1

It is not easy to make a show that is filled with mystery. It all started when ABC gambled with ‘Lost’ in 2004. The series went on to become a huge critical success and as a result, other networks tried to replicate that same level of success with their own shows. However, none of them were as successful and many got canceled before they could provide a proper closure. 

Even 17 years later, the hunt for such a show is still on and NBC has joined the bandwagon with its new show titled ‘Debris', a sci-fi thriller with everything that viewers need in order to be at the edge of their seats.


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Jonathan Tucker and Ryann Steele as Bryan Beneventi and Finola Jones (NBC)


The show chronicles the journey of two agents, Finola Jones (Riann Steele) and Bryan Beneventi (Jonathan Tucker) coming together to protect the mysterious alien technology from the bad guys. However, things get really bizarre when the duo starts getting reports of missing people and it turns out that they have one thing in common – they all came in contact with the ‘Debris’.

In the pilot episode, we see a mother-son duo driving down the highway after taking a pit-stop at the nearby gas station. As they continue their journey, the boy tells his mom about a circus where people walk on tight ropes without any support. His mom says, “It is pretty dangerous and those guys practice that for their whole life.” Meanwhile, the boy starts playing with his little toy monkey while his mother is providing an answer to his query. As soon as the toy monkey starts playing cymbals, blood starts coming out of her mother’s eyes and she starts panicking. However, the boy is unfazed and doesn’t do anything.

A scene from the pilot episode of 'Debris' (NBC)

The car stops automatically and the boy gets out and drags out his mother. But to everyone’s horror, her body starts levitating a foot above the ground and drift along with the breeze. The agents get notified about the events that took place on the highway. Going through the surveillance footage, they get to know that Kieran accompanied his mother during the journey. So, why did the boy kill his own mother? Is the mother really dead? And how did her body start to levitate?

Who is Kieran?

Although we don’t get a lot of details about his past in the pilot episode, there is one thing that will haunt viewers. After figuring all the details, the agents reach Kieran’s home only to find his mother, Mary Vandenberg, levitating a foot above the ground. Agent Beneventi takes a stroll through the woods and finds a massive piece of Debris behind the house. The agents back off and call Kieran’s older sister, Isla, to ask about her brother and she says that her brother “died seven months ago” in an accident.

Benjamin Goas as Kieran in 'Debris' (NBC)

Did ‘Debris’ bring Kieran back?

As the episode moves forward, we find out that Kieran’s mother could not get over her son’s death and started to have glimpses of his son after coming in contact with the Debris. She visited the huge chunk of Debris every day to get closer to her son. One day, she saw Kieran standing right in front of her eyes. So, how did Kieran come back? It seems the debris has the ability to sense grief and it pulls people away from reality to give them what they long for. It was Mary’s grief that caused her dead son to manifest. She thought it was a miracle when she saw her son alive.

Kieran's mother sees her dead son come alive (NBC)

Kieran came back with the help of Debris, but he was not the old Kieran.

Why did he kill the woman in the car?

The biggest question that arises from the first episode is why is Kieran killing people? There is one thing you should know, the woman hasn’t died yet and there are more victims as well. Kieran is draining all the energy from her body and killing her slowly.

During the last few moments, Isla is brought to her mom and Agent Beneventi asks her to tell her mother that she has to let go of Kieran or others will face the consequences. She gives an emotional speech to her mom and surprisingly, all the people who have been touched get tears rolling down their cheeks. The girl manages to take Kieran’s memory out of her mother’s mind and bring her back to life.

A still from the pilot episode of 'Debris' (NBC)

It seems that Debris feeds on energy to survive. Kieran is still a shadow and isn’t really alive. The mysterious wreckage from the alien spacecraft is using people’s minds to drain their energies and making itself even stronger. The true purpose is not yet known. But Kieran is undoubtedly the first step of the bigger mystery that is set to be untangled.

The pilot episode is eerie and surprising at times and viewers will be left intrigued. If the show can keep up the momentum of the premiere episode, then it is certainly going to be an exciting watch.

Watch the pilot episode of ‘Debris’ on NBC on March 1, 2021, at 10 pm ET.

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