Woman gets late fiancé edited into wedding photos to keep his memory alive after he died in a motorcycle accident

Bride Debbie Gerlach was determined to keep her late fiance's memory alive and so she requested a photographer to add him to the photos of what would have been their wedding day.

                            Woman gets late fiancé edited into wedding photos to keep his memory alive after he died in a motorcycle accident

A bride from Arizona had to live through her worst nightmare when her fiance passed away in a horrific motorcycle accident which claimed his life. The woman's fiance was killed nine months before they were going to get married. 

However, this did not stop Debbie Gerlach from having her late fiance Randy Zimmerman edited into wedding photos. Like any bride, Debbie was eagerly looking forward to November 11 to marry her best friend Randy but her life came to a halt when he passed away in an accident. In order to keep Randy's memory alive, Debbie decided to have a bridal photoshoot but asked the photographer Kristie Fonseca to add Randy in the photographs. 




Kristie has had a lot of experience in editing loved ones into pictures and fulfilled Debbie's request to add Randy. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Fonseca said, "When I first spoke with Debbie, she told me her tragic story and asked if I was able to insert her fiancé into what should have been their special day. A special day that was carelessly stolen from her. After listening to her heartbreaking, story I just knew I had to do something very special for her."

The pictures were clicked in the Arizona desert and Debbie wore her wedding dress which had a locket holding a picture of the couple. In every single shot where the brave bride stood alone, Kristie made sure to incorporate a transparent version of Randy. 




"It was supposed to be her day. It was supposed to be the day they expressed their love for each other. My thoughts were going a mile a minute coming up with ideas, poses, and images that would mimic her special day with him. I started the session as I normally would for a bridal shoot, and then I posed her for some as if he was there. She naturally posed for the photos as if he was standing right beside her. Her smile had a warmth as if he was talking to her. Even though he wasn’t there, she moved as if he was," Kristie added. 




In the edited pictures, Debbie is seen with Zimmerman's arm around her while in others, he kisses her on the cheek. There is one particularly emotional shot where Debbie is seen holding on to the 'Z-engraved' urn which had Randy's ashes in it. On what would have been their wedding day, she shared these photos to honor him.