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Debbie Collier: Investigators declare Georgia mom found naked and burned to death a SUICIDE!

A report released by authorities reportedly stated that Debbie Collier's death was 'self inflicted' with the cause being 'inhalation of superheated gases'
UPDATED NOV 20, 2022
Debbie Collier's death has now been ruled a suicide (Debbie Steve Collier/Facebook)
Debbie Collier's death has now been ruled a suicide (Debbie Steve Collier/Facebook)

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

CLAYTON, GEORGIA: Altogether two months after 59-year-old Georgia mom Debbie Collier's death, investigators have finally deemed the case a suicide and closed the book. 

According to People, a statement released by the Habersham County Sherriff’s Office read, “A detailed examination of all gathered information has enabled investigators to determine, based on factual evidence and data, that Mrs. Collier’s death was self-inflicted. Furthermore, the G.B.I. Medical Examiner’s Office has determined that the cause of death was Inhalation of Superheated Gases, Thermal Injuries, and Hydrocodone Intoxication and that the manner of death was suicide.”


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The statement reportedly further stated, “The Habersham County Sheriff’s Office would also like to extend our deepest sympathies to Mrs. Collier’s family and friends. It is our hope and prayer that the findings of this investigation provide some form of closure and allow for the healing process to begin.”

Ever since Collier's death was reported in September, the case has taken many twists and turns. The statement, as per NowHabersham, also detailed the efforts taken by the investigating team to ensure accuracy of judgement. It reportedly read, “From the initial discovery on September 11, 2022, to date, the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division has remained vigilant in seeking out and following up on every possible lead regarding Deborrah Collier’s actions on the weekend of her death. Investigators have met with the medical examiner’s office and spoke with the medical examiner in regard to the results of the autopsy, reviewed the findings of items submitted to the crime lab for analysis, reviewed the reports and records received in response to the 26 search warrants and subpoenas issued in relation to every form of social media, electronic communication, cellular tracking data, and banking records, and reviewed information gathered from the 20+ interviews of family members and potential witnesses.”

The circumstances surrounding Collier's death were absolutely eerie and disturbing. Collier's daughter receiving a text from the 59-year-old before her death that read, “They are not going to let me go, love you.” Before her death, Collier had also transferred $2,400 to her daughter’s bank account and had also informed her of the whereabouts of her house keys. She was found dead later, burnt and partially naked on Sunday, November 11 near Tallulah Falls in northern Habersham County.

Collier’s daughter was understandably alarmed at the texts and the sudden eeriness of it all, as she called her mother to gain some clarity. Her mother, however, did not pick up. She proceeded to file a missing person’s report, thus kickstarting the investigation.

A K9 unit found what looked like the remains of a fire in the woods. Shortly thereafter, they found Collier’s body naked and burned. A partially burned blue tarp and a red tote bag were found nearby.