Deathstroke in 'Titans': What you must know about the upcoming villain and "The Judas Contract"

Deathstroke in 'Titans': What you must know about the upcoming villain and "The Judas Contract"

Deathstroke, by far, is the most versatile and flexible comic book character. As a mercenary who works for money, Slade Wilson (the alias of Deathstroke) can appear in any storyline and timeline. And such has been the case in the past when this supervillain made an appearance, from time to time, in different universes to antagonize different DC properties including Green Arrow and Batman.

His most frequent opponent, however, happens to be the superhero bunch, Teen Titans and more specifically Dick Grayson aka Robin. With such vast comics history and frequent face-offs between these two, it only makes sense that at some point or the other, DC Universe's upcoming series 'Titans', also introduces this savage nemesis as part of the action that already includes Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Robin. 



'Titans' writer and producer Geoff Johns seems to be doing exactly that. During a panel at the recently-held New York Comic Con, Johns not only confirmed the addition of Deathstroke in their latest series but also teased the nature of his appearance. 

"You'll see Deathstroke in Titans eventually, but it will be a new version," the DC showrunner said. In addition to teasing Deathstroke's arrival in the dark and edgy superhero show, Johns also mentioned a particular comics arc - "The Judas Contract" - that will be explored in the show sooner than later.



What you need to know about "The Judas Contract" arc?

In the comics, "The Judas Contract" is described as the culmination of a sub-plot that was responsible for the introduction of Deathstroke the Terminator and H.I.V.E. Not only does this particular arc unveil the secret origin and backstory of DC's most notorious adversary but also "brings to a close  the Terminator's extended contract with the H.I.V.E." 

This dark era is also significant because it brought into the folds Deathstroke's crime partner (and partner in bed), Terra, who eventually went on to make recurring appearances throughout the title. In addition, "The Judas Contract" is touched base on Deathstroke's past relationship, namely his ex-wife Adeline and his second son Joey Wilson - a character who would ultimately join the Teen Titans under the code name of Jericho.



Now, keeping in mind the tone and direction taken by DC Universe's 'Titans' series, it's quite probable that in the upcoming days, the Deathstroke narrative becomes an integral part of the show. Many other DC series have also tried in the past to tackle this notorious supervillain as part of their plot, only to fall short of the freedom to explore the darkness of this adversary in all its glory. 

Perhaps, 'Titans' would finally be able to do justice to Deathstroke, unarguably one of DC's finest from its roster of supervillains.

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 Deathstroke in Titans What you must know about the upcoming villain and The Judas Contract