Death Grips drop deafening new album 'Year of the Snitch'

Death Grips' 'Year of the Snitch' features a curious list of collaborators including 'Shrek' director Andrew Adamson and Tool bassist Justin Chancellor.

                            Death Grips drop deafening new album 'Year of the Snitch'
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Death Grips, the experimental, rap-influenced trio made up of vocalist MC Ride, drummer and producer Zach Hill, and engineer Andy Morin, have released their much-awaited sixth studio album 'Year Of The Snitch.' Apple Music and Spotify subscribers can stream the album in full below.

The latest record was announced earlier in March and serves as the follow-up to 2016’s 'Bottomless Pit'. Spanning 13 tracks, the album was previously previewed with singles 'Streaky', 'Flies', 'Black Paint', 'Hahaha', and 'Shitshow'. In typical Death Grips fashion, the industrial hip-hop outfit also shared 'Dilemma', a curious collaboration with Shrek director Andrew Adamson, which was a response to the internet being flooded with video clips from Shrek synced to their music! Additional credits come from DJ Swap (on turntables), Tool bassist Justin Chancellor and Lucas Abella (Electronics, Noise). The album features the noisy, industrial, sound design, and confrontational raps found on their previous releases.

Keeping in line with the band's risqué shock-art stunts with their album covers, (the album art for 2013's 'No Love Deep Web' had Hill's phallus with the title scrawled on it with a marker), the cover art for 'Year Of The Snitch' features a grotesque, Almodovaresque rearrangement of human mouths popping out from what appears to be a styrofoam slab.

Recently, Death Grips' video, for 'Shitshow,' was removed from YouTube for violating the service’s content policies; the clip features urination and butt-wiping, among other bizarre imagery that is not inconsistent with the group's usual repertoire. 

Year of the Snitch Tracklist:
01. Death Grips Is Online
02. Flies
03. Black Paint
04. Linda’s In Custody
05. The Horn Section
06. Hahaha
07. Shitshow
08. Streaky
09. Dilemma
10. Little Richard
11. The Fear
12. Outro
13. Disappointed