'Dear M': Jaehyun's kissing scene in his first K-drama goes viral, NCT fans say 'I need more'

'Dear M': Jaehyun's kissing scene in his first K-drama goes viral, NCT fans say 'I need more'
Jaehyun is commended for his acting in his first K-drama 'Dear M' (@NCTsmtown_127, @Viki/Twitter)

2022 is finally a good year for actor Jaehyun as we went from two cancelled projects to the NCT star’s first K-drama finally premiering. We were supposed to get ‘Dear M’ (stylized as Dear. M) in February 2021 but it got delayed as one of the cast members was embroiled in a school bullying scandal. However, it was soon resolved with KBS sharing that they had sold the K-drama to Japan where it would finally air on the OTT platform U-NEXT on June 29. International NCT fans will also get to see Jaehyun’s acting debut as it was also acquired by Viki.

Well, NCTzens have been busy the following week as they try to catch up on NCT 127’s Asian leg of their world tour while also binge-watching Jaehyun’s K-drama. On July 6, NCTzens noticed that all of the remaining episodes of ‘Dear M’ had become available on Viki on got to finishing the drama. Viewers had much to discuss from expectations that it had as being the sequel to the hit drama ‘Love Playlist’ to rookie actor Jaehyun’s acting. But what everyone could agree on was that they were all shocked by the K-pop idol’s kissing scene with the female lead which has gone viral on Korean as well as international social media.

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Jaehyun’s kiss scene in ‘Dear M’ goes viral

Despite being a rookie, NCT fans were pleasantly surprised that Jaehyun went all out even for the kissing scenes as he had two of them. First, we get a scene at the ending of episode 8 when Jaehyun’s character Cha Min-ho and Park Hye-su’s Ma Joo-ah finally accept their feelings for each other and make out followed by a romantic kiss in the finale that went viral.

Following episode 12 which happens to be the finale, ‘Dear M’ entered the top 10 most-watched dramas of Viki while Knetizens complimented Jaehyun for his first acting role. ‘Dear M’ follows four college students whose lives change after an anonymous poster ‘M’ makes a confession on a student community platform. Along with Jaehyun and Hye-su, it stars Roh Jeong-eui of '18 Again' fame and Bae Hyun-sung known for his role in the 'Love Playlist' series.


‘The man knows how to act’

Well, NCTzens trended Jaehyun on Twitter as they had the funniest reactions to the kiss scene in ‘Dear M’. One fan joked, “127 ready to take a screenshot of the kiss to send and ask jaehyun about it.” Another said, “Jaehyun kissed a girl…. and it wasn’t me….” With NCT 127 previously making fun of Doyoung’s kiss scenes, one added, “Doyoung thanking jaehyun bc now the neos have something else to giggle abt at their tea parties.”




Another NCTzen shared, “I need more of actor jaehyun i know i've said this before but i'm gonna say it again THE MAN KNOWS HOW TO ACT HE HAS THE POTENTIAL.” One brought back the iconic ‘Business Proposal’ scene between the second couple, “JAEHYUN NEXT TIME IT BETTA BE THIS.” Another made a reaction meme, “The neos at the dorm once they saw that jaehyun kiss scene.” One fan added, “127 watching jaehyun eat shawty cupid’s bow.”





Watch ‘Dear M’ on Viki.

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