Deafheaven return with a brand new single 'Honeycomb': Listen

Deafheaven return with a brand new single 'Honeycomb': Listen
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The Bay Area's metal force of nature and pioneers of the 'blackgaze' genre Deafheaven have returned with a brand new single. The single, titled 'Honeycomb' is the post-black metal outfit's first glimpse of new material in almost three years. Apple Music and Spotify users can listen to the track below:

Spanning a hefty 12 minutes, the track is kicked off in signature Deafheaven style with a guttural death-growl from vocalist George Clarke. As one would expect from one of the most powerful acts in modern and contemporary metal, right in the middle of the song, at about the 6-minute mark, there is a breakdown that is a refreshing interlude between all the heavy guitar shredding, blast beats, and double-bass drums. Sonically, the song is definitely closer to 2013's 'Sunbather' than their last album, 2015's 'New Bermuda' but don't let that give you an early impression of what's to come in the new album.

The single is also accompanied by a gritty, DIY video which showcases the band at work in the studio and also gives us plenty of lo-fi glimpses of their hometown of San Francisco. Check out the music video below:

Presumably, the first single from Deafheaven’s upcoming, as-yet-untitled fourth album is due out sometime this year through ANTI- Records, as Pitchfork points out. This past January, the band teased the possibility of the new album by sharing a photo from the studio via Instagram. The simple caption that accompanied the post simply read “2018.”  The band has also confirmed that they are currently working on a new album at 25th St. Recording in Oakland with their frequent collaborator, producer Jack Shirley. 

But wait, there's more! Strangely enough, an iTunes listing in Japan reveals a lot of details that the band has not officially confirmed yet. According to the listing, the new album is titled 'Ordinary Corrupt Human Love' and is scheduled for a July 13 release via ANTI-Records. 


Ordinary Corrupt Human Love Tracklist:
01. You Without End
02. Honeycomb
03. Canary Yellow
04. Near
05. Glint
06. Night People
07. Worthless Animal

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