'Deadwood': Kristen Bell's seductive Flora Anderson was the most memorable character in the series

'Deadwood': Kristen Bell's seductive Flora Anderson was the most memorable character in the series

The Western series 'Deadwood' is back and, this time, the three season-period drama is being made into a feature film.

Ahead of the film's release, we look at one of the characters from the show who left quite a mark despite getting limited screen time. 

Kristen Bell may not be part of the movie but the 'Play It Again, Dick!' star made a memorable guest appearance in the first season of the show. 

Bell played Flora Anderson who comes to town with her brother Miles (Greg Cipes).

The duo, who look seemingly innocent, are in fact conmen who go from town to town conning establishments with their innocent act.

The duo chose one of the toughest places in the West — with one road in and out — and then plot to rob two of the toughest, least scrupulous men in the town right after they've arrived.

Bell's Flora arrives with the intention to steal jewelry from Cy Tolliver's (Powers Boothe) former madam. 

She joins Tolliver's saloon and takes advantage of the fact that Joanie Stubb is a lesbian.

Pretending to be a prostitute, she seduces Stubbs with her 'innocent girl' act and beauty, igniting both her protective instincts and lustful desires.

The plan to make a clean-getaway turns awry and both siblings are brutally murdered.

While Miles is shot in the head after getting beaten up badly, Tolliver hands Stubbs a pistol and orders her to put an almost-beaten-to-death Flora out of her misery. She does so albeit reluctantly.

You can check out the horrifying scene below.


While Bell makes an appearance in only two episodes, "Bullock Returns to the Camp" and "Suffer the little children", her character left a lasting impact as she is shown to be the brains behind all the thieving schemes and also has an acerbic wit.


The talented actress does great justice to her character and it's tragic that she meets a bloody end.

In addition, her fate also gives an idea about the ruthlessness and violence in the show.

It will be interesting to see if Kim Dickens, who will reprise her role as Joanie Stubbs, can recreate the magic in the movie. 

Will there be a conmen scene in the movie? 

Guess we'll know only when 'Deadwood' premieres on HBO on May 31. 

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