'Deadwater Fell' Premiere: David Tennant crime thriller will see a family torn apart and dark secrets surface

'Deadwater Fell' is a show set in an idyllic village in Scotland and takes a close look at two families who are friends and all the secrets that they hold

                            'Deadwater Fell' Premiere: David Tennant crime thriller will see a family torn apart and dark secrets surface
David Tennant and Matthew McNulty (Acorn TV)

The first episode of 'Deadwater Fell' starring David Tennant, Cush Jumbo, Matthew McNulty and Anna Madeley is a story about how a family that looks perfect and even loving on the outside has fallen apart from the inside. The show is a crime thriller, in which almost an entire family falls prey to a fire accident. However, who started the fire and why the remaining family member has to live through the trauma of such an accident is what the first episode of the show will begin to explore. 

In this show, Tennant will play the role of Tom Kendrick, McNulty will play Sergeant Steve Campbell, Madeley will play Tom's wife Kate and Jumbo will play the role of Jess Milner who is Steve's partner in the show. The four of them are close friends who also happen to be neighbors in a Scottish village and everything about their life would spell normal until an accident begins to unravel the deep dark secrets that these individuals hold within them. 

The show is a four-part series created by Daisy Coulum and in the span of these episodes, we will solve the mystery behind the fire accident, why this particular family was even targeted in the first place. According to the trailer, it also seems as if the family that was targeted was also drugged, which makes it clear that the fire was no accident. If it was a case of arson, would it be someone from the village or would it be someone that the family knew closely? 

All of these questions will be answered in the four-part series and we will also see the secrets within the victims' family unravel as well. Were they really as happy as they seem on the surface or was all of that hiding the pain within the family? Chances of the latter being true are high. The show was originally aired on UK's Channel 4 and has received some spectacular reviews especially for Madeley's role. Why and whose family was really targeted is something that we will see in the show. 

'Deadwater Fell' episodes will air every Monday on Acorn TV in the US. 

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