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Deadpool 2 post-credits scenes revealed including one where anti-hero mocks Ryan Reynolds

The early reviews have been singing praises of the much-talked-about second installment of Deadpool - especially the mid and post-credit scenes.
UPDATED JAN 28, 2020
Ryan Reynolds (Source : Getty Images)
Ryan Reynolds (Source : Getty Images)

Ryan Reynolds' Merc-with-A-Mouth is splattering his wisecracks and raunchy quip all over the screen at your nearest theater. With early reviews already singing praises of the much-talked-about second installment of Deadpool - especially the mid and post-credits scenes - the moviegoers' turnout (so far) doesn't seem like much a shocker. 

There is everyone's favorite anti-hero, there are some seriously-outrageous chucklers, a whole gang of mutants, and most importantly there's Cable - almost every element required for the successful reception of an R-rated movie. 

[Alert - spoilers ahead]

While spoilers are unavoidable while discussing the scenes that cropped up following the credits' roll, here's a breakdown of all the rib-tickling and shocking revelations:

1. The part with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio

One of the first explicitly LGBTQ+ couples in the history of comic book movies, the pair is seen fiddling with Cable's time-travel device, which is apparently out of order. Negasonic ultimately ends up fixing the machine but instead of handing it back to Cable, the device is nabbed by Deadpool, of course for his personal usage. 

2. Deadpool goes back in time to save his girlfriend

Things appeared grim for Vanessa (a role portrayed by Morena Baccarin) at the beginning of Deadpool 2. However, towards the end, there's a surprise reversal of fate as our beloved mutant anti-hero uses Cable's time-travel device to set the timeline in order - meaning he kills the assailant responsible for Vanessa's death. 

3. Peter makes it alive, finally!

Remember the X-Force enthusiast, who applied for the position after coming across an advertisement? Well, he meets a terrible fate as well. But thanks to Deadpool's last-minute decision to time-travel during the mid-credit scenes, Rob Delaney's character is also rescued. 

4. The second best scene - where Deadpool is in the X-Men universe

How can we forget that extremely controversial, early appearance of Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson) as the mouthless mutant in the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". Hell-bent on erasing that much-maligned part of the timeline, the Deadpool of recent times makes an appearance, mid-fight between Wolverine and Wade, successfully killing his old iteration. 

5. Deadpool saves Ryan Reynolds from his biggest career folly 

One word - Green Lantern. In a move, that clearly takes a friendly jibe at the rival DC Extended Universe, the anti-hero travels to the past and kills Reynolds while he is reading the Warner Bros script, thus saving the actor from his biggest career mistake.