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'Deadliest Catch' Season 16 Episode 6 Preview: Will Keith Colburn and his Wizard show up in the next episode?

Last we saw Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard was pulling off a sensational move on Scott Campbell Junior of the Seabrooke in Episode 3: 'Breaking Point'

Last we saw Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard was pulling off a sensational move on Scott Campbell Junior of the Seabrooke in Episode 3: 'Breaking Point'. And since then the focus has shifted to the other crews. Captains Jake Anderson and Johnathan Hillstrand of the Saga-Bandit, Sig Hansen of the Northwestern, Bill Wichrowski of the Summer Bay, Josh Harris, and Casey McManus of the Cornelia Marie have all received ample screentime leading fans to ask what's happening with Keith Colburn. 

The Wizard didn't have the greatest of starts. In Episode 1: 'The Russians are Coming', trouble erupted in the form of a rough storm that hits almost every crew in different ways. 'The Wizard' was slapped flush on the bow by a 40-foot rogue wave and lashes them front, right, and center. Their gamble to try to reach the eye of the storm hoping for some motherload of King crabs, except it fails.

Soon after, Colburn did hit a purple patch where the pots were filled with crabs. However, as luck would have it, Junior pulls a dirty move and sets his pots where Colburn's Wizard is hard at work. The squabble only gets uglier when Junior risks a massive collision that could signal the end for both vessels. While Colburn does manage to get the better of Junior, it is the latter who is in a good place right now after hitting a honey patch in the previous episode. 

Junior goes back to a region left untouched after decades of crabbing. And there's every reason why the place has been left alone despite promising a rich haul of the king crabs. For starters, they are a stark contrast to the regular red ones as they are found deeper in the ocean making it harder to fish them out. Adding to this is the rough currents that pose a threat to the vessel itself. However, despite adventures where he recovers a lost pot, he also ensures he gets a healthy quantity of crabs that's sure to bring in the moolah. 

Colburn fans will be hoping to see their Captain and the Wizard in the thick of things after not seeing him for two episodes. With the previous two episodes focusing on most other captains, fans are hoping that the upcoming episode will shed light on Colburn and his mission to get as many crabs as possible. 

What are your thoughts on whether Colburn will be seen in the next episode or not?