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'Deadliest Catch' Season 16 Episode 3: Scott Campbell Jr's low-blow move sees fans calling him a cheater

The highlight of 'Breaking Point' was the scrimmage between Scott Campbell Jr and Keith Colburn
UPDATED APR 29, 2020
Scott Campbell Jr (Discovery)
Scott Campbell Jr (Discovery)

Spoilers for 'Deadliest Catch' Season 6 Episode 3 'Breaking Point'

The highlight of 'Breaking Point' was the scrimmage between  Scott Campbell Jr and Keith Colburn. While their fight and flashback added to the drama, fans on Twitter were furious with Junior for the dirty trick he pulled on Colburn. 

"Jr you are a CHEATER. If you knew what you were doing you wouldn't have to steal and follow Keith around. My favorite are Josh, Jake, Keith & Wild Bill," wrote a fan.

"Captain Keith is right; Junior is a liar. There are no provisions in the COLREGS that have anything to do with setting vs hauling. He better hope the Coast Guard doesn't watch this episode, he can be fined for his actions and possibly lose his captain's license," another fan said. 

Captain Harley Davidson of the Southern Wind may not have shown up in the episode, but he was pounced on as well by angry fans. "Dump junior and Harley from the show. They are not adding anything of value," a tweet read.

"Watching, of course, disappointed in Junior on Seabrook he is being a brat," a fan observed. "JR just became Harley's son. Those are 2 nobody’s" one fan remarked

Captains Jake Anderson and Johnathan Hillstrand may have negated the False Pass threat, but it earned them a brickbat from a fan who tweeted: "Neither are those 2 fools on the Saga. Maybe if they didn't overload the boat with pots they wouldn't have hit the bottom like they claim they did. These guys are careless and dangerous."

"Maybe Harley and Junior should hook up together. They can check each other's empty pots #DeadliestCatch," wrote one of the fans.

"#DeadliestCatch I am cheering on the empty cages and machine breakdown for Harley.KARMA MAN. Do your OWN work! Hate it for the crew they should find other boats!!" said a fan who caught the episode.

"How can they call themselves crabbers if they can’t find their own crab. You suck on the Seabrook. Go home Scott #DeadliestCatch," read one of the tweets

And here's the best, saved for the last: "Dear God....@CaptScottJr might just be a bigger ass than Harley. No wonder hasn’t missed him not being on the show. Never wished a bad back to reappear for someone but always a first. Learn to fish #deadliestcatch"

'Deadliest Catch' Season 16 airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on Discovery.