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'Deadliest Catch' Season 16 Episode 18 Review: Sig's masterclass in deception and good day out for all skippers

If there's a takeaway from the episode, it has to be how Sig is grooming his daughter to take over the reins of the Northwestern one day

Spoilers for 'Deadliest Catch' Season 16 Episode 18 'Like Father Like Daughter'

Between a frustrated Jake and a hernia-battling Keith of the Saga and the Wizard respectively, there are storylines that end on a happy note for all skippers in 'Like Father Like Daughter'. In addition, Sig Hansen also gives his daughter, Mandy, a lesson on the art of deception where they make calculated moves to get a lay of the land across the Bering Sea. This time, they use former colleague, Jake Anderson to do some prospecting across the East-West side of the region to scout for potential crab hauls.

The move works as Jake's pots go from zero to a whopping 600-700 fills. At first, the Saga skipper is skeptical as he belives his past bad history with Sig might have seen the veteran point him in the wrong direction. However, it looks like the crab gods favored the captain as he makes rich hauls. It might not have been what Sig expected, but he does know where to go next.

At the other end, Scott Campbell Jr battles bucking waves and treacherous icy conditions in the hunt for his Opilio crab. To add to the hard work are setbacks in the form of injuries and his deckhand, James Gaggagher takes a 15 feet tumble narrowly missing falling into the sea. By the end of the episode, Junior hits paydirt as he finds where the biomass is. The same for Keith as he battles his umbilical hernia that's quite a sorry sight to see.

With him suffering and bickering with brother Monte on staying and playing the long game, there's the worry that Keith is compromising his health over crabbing. Perhaps he will now feel all that pain was worth it as they find enough to fill up all their tanks. It has been the Wizard's season as they had a good run since the start of the winter. They now lead the race even though the US trails to Russia in the hunt for the crab.

If there's a takeaway from the episode, it has to be how Sig is grooming his daughter to take over the reins of the Northwestern one day. In his years as a fisherman, he's made sure he's giving the golden nuggets that'd make her a better success story than he is and Sig fans would be happy with the move. With this, it's another good outing for the 'Deadliest Catch' on Tuesday.

'Deadliest Catch' Season 16 airs on Tuesdays 8 pm ET on Discovery.