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'Dead To Me' season 2 fans think there's more to Nick's backstory and Judy shouldn't trust him

When we meet Nick for the first time, he is an off-duty cop. But is he on leave or out of the force. There seems to be so much more to his secret that he doesn't reveal

If you have already watched Netflix's brilliant traumedy 'Dead To Me', you'd know the series does a pretty exceptional job fusing themes with character arcs, plotlines and twists, all while practically writing a testament to female friendships.

Christina Applegate's Jen Harding is a sardonic widow determined to solve her husband's recent hit-and-run murder. She meets Judy Hale (played by Linda Cardellini) in a grief support group. Linda plays the role of an optimistic free spirit who has suffered a tragic loss in her life. When the two women meet, they become unlikely friends despite their polar-opposite personalities. What follows is an adventure that we had to watch through in one sitting – we couldn't pause midway!

Out of all the characters with their too-preposterous-for-real-life backstories, the one that weirds us out the most is that of Brandon Scott's Nick Prager, which is not exactly preposterous, but doesn't add up.

Nick finds a gun in Charlie's bag (Twitter)

The first time we meet Nick is when Judy encounters him at the grieving resort for the first time herself. After they exchange pleasantries and have sex, Nick confesses that he is an off-duty cop and is on leave for "psychiatric" reasons. To many people, this is exactly what sounds sketchy.

This makes us wonder if that is what really happened. Nick is at the grieving facility because he is dealing with loss and grief – the loss of his partner on the job. When he tells Judy for the first time about this, it does feel like he is withholding information. To give him the benefit of doubt, he's met Judy for the first time and probably won't indulge her in his life's tragedy.

But that is not just it. He flinches when he finds a gun in Charlie's backpack, he tells Judy of his discomfort later on. One Reddit user points out, "That seed he planted was kind of never paid attention to, and I think there's more to it. When he originally said it, I thought that maybe his partner died attempting to apprehend a school shooter, thus the vision of a teen with a gun was especially upsetting to him, and they'd mention that later to shine a light on a serious cultural issue. But then they didn't do much with it."

Another Reddit user shares that if Nick had really shot his partner, he would be in worse shape. "Maybe, I don't remember the exact quote but during Nick's rant, he specifically talked about the damage a kid with a gun can do. It didn't sound like a general statement, but a pointed one. I think a young teen shot Nick's partner and he feels responsible, and possibly could have stopped it from happening. He also didn't seem quite as broken as the other grievers. Maybe that was a lie, but I'd have expected him to be in worse shape if he had shot his best friend."