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'Dead to Me' Season 2: Judy's new queer love interest is one we never saw coming but still love nevertheless

We're hoping the makers make something substantial of the two because they're so adorable together

Spoilers for Netflix's 'Dead to Me' Season 2

Judy is perhaps the kindest person on Netflix's thriller comedy series 'Dead to Me'. Sweet, considerate, helpful and loving, Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini) is a one-in-a-million soul who always thinks of others before her.

For the gem of a person that she is, Judy's last relationship with Steve Wood (James Marsden) was a highly problematic one. Over the course of Season 1, we saw their toxic relationship up close and it was not pleasant. Steve and Judy had been together for long but it was by means a fulfilling relationship. 

They broke on and off but the blow came to her when Judy had thought she was pregnant (but not really) after their night together and Steve was already with someone else. And then she sets out to avenge all the wrong he had done, but before it could become anything, Steve is dead in Jen Harding's (Christina Applegate) pool. 

In Season 2, we had no expectations that Judy was supposed to get a new love interest this season. But boy were we glad for Michelle to have found her way to Judy. Natalie Morales' Michelle admits her mother in the old-age care home where Judy works.

They hit it off immediately. Judy and Michelle have a special, adorable bond that is immensely heartwarming to witness. However, we must admit that we did think Michelle was an undercover cop trying to gain inside information about Steve, but we're thankful that didn't happen. 

Judy is a lover of souls and not genders. And Michelle is someone she immediately takes a liking to. They spend time together in the old car, smoking a joint or two, talking about music and going to get some taco.

Their affair has a simplicity that Judy really needs in her life right now amid all the ongoing complications. Michelle not only provides her with warmth but also a sense of security — also something that Judy desperately needs.

However, the couple has a small hindrance in Detective Ana Perez (Diana Maria Riva), Michelle's ex, who still lives with her. Judy, like us, is shocked about the discovery, but somewhere knows that her relationship with Michelle is going to be affected by Perez. 

And so, the secrets that Jen and Judy are hiding make it impossible for them to be with someone — at least for now. So Jen pushes Judy to call it quits with her. And despite her heart being completely against it, she does it — eventually drowning her sorrows in wine. 

Natalie Morales as Michelle on 'Dead to Me' (Netflix)

Where their relationship ended

When Michelle's mother is admitted to the hospital, she is broken. Judy, being Judy and without any regard for space or personal issues, shows up at the hospital. The ICU is only meant for family, but she sneaks in regardless.

When Michelle sees her, she is a little perplexed. But answers Judy's queries. That's exactly when Detective Perez shows up and loses her cool. She had kept her cool throughout the time that they had started dating but now reiterates to Michelle why Judy is dangerous.

On paper, Judy is a stalker, has a restraining order against her, the unsolved murder of a man (Jen's husband Ted), and a missing person related to her. All of this makes the cop extremely suspicious of Judy.

However, Michelle has a lot on her plate. And unable to dive into this whole drama with her mother critical in the ICU, excuses herself from the conversation and leaves. We don't see her again.

When and if they make a Season 3, we should expect Michelle to come back as Judy's love interest. We're hoping the makers make something substantial of the two because they're so adorable together.

Season 2 of 'Dead to Me' is currently streaming on Netflix.