SHOCKING: Dead fetus found on American Airlines flight at LaGuardia airport

A member of an American Airlines cleaning crew discovered a dead fetus in an airplane toilet at LaGuardia Airport.

                            SHOCKING: Dead fetus found on American Airlines flight at LaGuardia airport
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A dead fetus was found inside an American Airlines flight by a member of the cleaning crew on Tuesday (August 7) morning. Hours after Flight 1942 in New York City on Monday night from Charlotte, North Carolina, the cleaning crew reported for their duties.

The attendants described that they first noticed a particular spot in the toilet, which had a large amount of toilet paper stacked. Local authorities revealed that the crew member then proceeded to clean the toilet and when they picked up the toilet seat, they noticed a foot of what appeared to be a fetus, reported CBS.

The aircraft was set to have its next departure the following day.

As reported by CBS, the plane was parked by the American Airlines hangar and not the gate when the fetus was discovered. "As we continue to learn more about this tragic and sensitive situation, we are actively cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation," an American Airlines spokesman told the outlet. LaGuardia Airport took to Twitter to warn people that there may be delays for passengers who were traveling out of B gates.

"American Airlines flights at Terminal B may experience some delays due to an out of service aircraft. Please check with @AmericanAir before your departure," read the tweet. "Out of service aircraft" was the code word for police activity surrounding the plane.

This caused some flights to delay. 

Port Authority Police was called after the discovery. A spokesman said, "the DA also has investigators that step in cases like this one." The authorities stated that they are looking into the case. Prior to this, there have been several other cases where bodies of babies have been found by authorities. Recently, the body of a newborn was found wrapped in a plastic bag and stashed in the bathroom of an Etihad Airways plane after the mother gave birth during the flight. 

The incident, which dates back to January 2018, came to light after a cleaning crew made the horrific discovery at Jakarta International Airport. The 37-year-old was an Indonesian woman, identified by local media as Hani, as reported by New York Post. The woman had reportedly started to bleed hours after the flight had taken off from Abu Dhabi. 

This situation forced the pilot to divert to Bangkok. The woman was removed from the plane after it landed, and the baby was found inside a drawer in a lavatory only after the plane made it to its final destination. The airport police's criminal division head, Cmr. Mirzal Maulana said his team arrested H at Terminal 2 Soekarno-Hatta airport. Jakarta Airport police chief Ahmad Yusef said that the woman “didn’t look healthy."

According to reports, when the woman was questioned about the baby, she confessed that the baby was hers and that she left him in the bin because she got pregnant with one of her employers in Abu Dabi. The publication further states that the woman is married to another man and has children.