'Titans' fans call out voters for being 'racist' and 'cartoon nerds' after show was review bombed on IMDb

'Titans' made several changes in the series when compared to the comics and the cartoon, the most prominent being casting Anna Diop to play Starfire

                            'Titans' fans call out voters for being 'racist' and 'cartoon nerds' after show was review bombed on IMDb

It's always hard to hear negative criticism when you love a show, especially when it drops its ratings. The DC 'Titans' fandom was left worried after the show was review bombed on IMDb leaving it with 559 1/10 votes. Fans called out voters for either being racist or suspected this is the handiwork of fans of rival universe, Marvel. A total of 9,485 IMDb users have voted, with 3,990 giving it a 10/10. The show's overall rating on the site is 8.3.

"Everyone who dislikes the show (or even review bombs it on IMDB) is racist or a Marvel/2993 teen titans cartoon fanboy," wrote a fan. Another one said, "Let's be honest as to why they hate the show. There's a black woman in a prominent role."


The difference between the shows and the comic books have always been a cause of conflict within the fandoms of both Marvel and DC. While comic book fans consider the books to be more authentic than the series, some fans argue they need to realize that the shows are a rendition of the books and will not be an exact adaptation. 'Titans' was also compared to 'Teen Titans' the cartoon that aired in 2003 on Cartoon Network.

"These are just the cartoon nerds. It's a show fellow fans, it will not be a replica of what you watched as children. Please stop," said a fan. Another one pointed out the negativity was raining on the parade of the show. "People need to grow up," the fan said. "I don't know if this makes this forgivable. They're literally ruining the hard work of the cast and producers, writers etc."

The accusations of racism arise from the show's adaptation of Starfire, who has been predominantly portrayed by white actors. In the show, she's portrayed by Anna Diop. "Everyone I've shown preview images to are like 'THAT'S NOT THE TITANS, WHY IS STARFIRE BLACK, WAA WAAA WAAAA'. Just another case of whiny nerds," said a fan, explaining the situation. Hynden Walch voiced the character of Starfire on the Cartoon Network show.

Starfire on the show also received quite a bit of backlash because of her outfit, which is drastically different than the comics. Fans feel that disliking her fashion sense is acceptable but criticizing the casting choice because of her race is not.

"I can understand the hate for Star's outfit (not her being black, which is just poorly hidden racism). May [sic] favorite complaint from r/dccomics was the number of people going 'Starfire is supposed to be beautiful. Cast a white woman instead!' And then when anyone called them out on that obvious racism they'd just complain about political correctness," a fan revealed. "You know the majority of 1-star reviews are the racists brigading. They do it every time a character, in this case, an orange alien from a different planet ffs, is cast as a black person."

'Titans' has, however, already been renewed for a second season by Netflix so these reviews don't cloud its immediate future.

'Titans' airs every Friday on Netflix.